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It’s important to remember those less fortunate than you during Christmas, and it’s even more important to remember the less fortunate games because some unlucky bastard probably got given one for Christmas. Back in September 2008 a game came out that I’m sure many people would have found in their stockings, one that wasn’t going to make any game of the year lists, Star Wars : The Force Unleashed.

It wasn’t an especially terrible game, but it also wasn’t an especially enjoyable game, it had some very cool action sequences but some majorly unbelievable story points. That being said, and considering this is an In Memoriam piece, we’re about to pay tribute to one of the characters that didn’t make it out of The Force Unleashed alive. Scroll past the picture of some cute otters to enter SPOILER territory.


The otters unleashed.

The story of Force Unleashed revolved around Starkiller who is the orphaned son of a rebel jedi that Vader strikes down on the wookie home world of Kashyyyk. Darth Vader then raises this orphan boy to be his secret apprentice with an aim to take down the Emperor so that Vader can rule the galaxy.

I guess this should also be an In Memoriam for Starkiller’s father?

Nothing wrong with the plot so far, in fact it’s pretty cool. It’s a very Sith thing to have a secret plot and to plan the death of your master, but the premise itself wore off when you realised Starkiller was the most powerful force user EVER.

Starkiller could pull star destroyers and TIE fighters out of the sky and pretty much transcended any force wielder we have seen on screen in terms of power. This was cool to play as, but it kind of stretched the realms of possibility laid out in the Star Wars films. Starkiller could literally destroy anyone we’ve seen in a Star Wars film so quickly it would be considered a hate crime.


Dude, that guy is still a person. Maybe lay off a bit with the lightning.

As the plot progresses Star Killer joins the Rebel alliance and tries to overthrow the Empire. The final battle has the player choose whether fight Starkiller’s former master Darth Vader solely for revenge or save his Rebel friends from the Emperor.

We’ll be focusing on the choice to save your friends, as that was pretty much the true ending. When Starkiller rushes in to save his pals you feel pretty confident this force demigod could take on that giant raisin Palpatine.

Except that doesn’t work out and  you know where this is going considering the nature of Memoriams… you totally fail and become lightning toast.

If you can't take it don't dish it out.

If you can’t take it don’t dish it out.

By dying at the hands of the Emperor to save his friends Starkiller becomes a martyr for the alliance, except he is never mentioned again in any other Star Wars mediums. But the rebels do adopt Starkiller’s family crest as their emblem, which you will recognise as the iconic rebel logo.

So here’s to you Starkiller, you massively out of place force god who should have been able to simply push every Imperial ship straight into a black hole. Here’s hoping the Empire don’t clone you and create a sequel that’s even worse…



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