Let’s talk about the Disney Infinity Star Wars “spoiler”


SPOILERS for Force Awakens within.

Seriously, turn back if you don’t want SPOILERS


Over the last few days a rumour has been doing the rounds on the internet that a clip from Disney Infinity 3.0 reveals one of The Force Awakens biggest mysteries, who Rey’s family are. It would be absolutely mind blowing if what will probably be one of the bigger plot points of Star Wars VIII was revealed through a game released almost two years before VIII is due out. And thankfully it totally isn’t spoiled.

The alleged offending dialogue takes place in a battle between Rey and Kylo Ren, who as we know from The Force Awakens is Han and Leia’s son. People swear that during this fight they hear Kylo say “face me, cousin.” This would indicate that A) Kylo is very formal when addressing relatives and B) Rey is Luke Skywalker’s child.

Here is the offending clip from Disney Infinity so you can hear the dialogue yourself:

Didn’t really sound like he said “cousin,” did it? It’s pretty evident the guy said “curses”… which also raises questions about whether he is a villain from a turn of the century silent film. It still could turn out that Rey is Luke’s child, but this certainly isn’t evidence of it.

So why has this story been slapped all over the place. Well in part I think it’s because as a collective the internet community that engages with Star Wars has been spoiler silly at the moment and the dicks amongst it are burning for one more piece of material to ruin the plot.

Despite the line of dialogue being almost instantly debunked it hasn’t stopped people swearing by it, and even claiming it sounds like “curses” now because Disney changed the dialogue in a patch… which somehow altered YoutTube videos that have already been uploaded.

Please don’t change internet, conspiracy theories for things that totally don’t need conspiracy theories nourish me more than you could possibly know.

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