Xmas woes as PS4 turns out to be phallus emblazoned block



Everyone has a Christmas present tragedy story. They usually revolve around batteries not being included or getting the wrong size for the recipient, but when it comes to gaming presents things can get really tricky. Gamer sales assistants are pretty good at helping the uninitiated find what they want, but mistakes still happen. In my experience working in gaming retail, I once sold one of the New Nintendo 3DS consoles forgetting Nintendo don’t package them with the required charging cable (why? Because *reasons*). You can bet that lady came back on Boxing Day!

But selling a Playstation 4 that turned out not to be a Playstation 4? That would be one hell of a cock-up.

scott lundy ps4

It all went downhill from here… (Source: Fox News)

Speaking to Fox News, Brian Lundy of Saugus, Massachusetts said his nine-year-old son Scott thought the PS4 was “the best present ever” and that this was “the best Christmas ever.” That excitement quickly faded as Scott opened the box to discover that there was no console inside, rather a block of wood cut into the exact shape of a PS4. Not only that, there was a drawing of a penis on top along with the message: “from cock and balls with love.”

This would be where I would make some kind of Christmas morning wood joke, but that seems too easy.

cock and balls ps4

Brian Lundy with the faux-PS4. (Source: Fox News)

The Lundy’s purchased the “present” from a local Target, and the going theory is that a customer must have previously returned the console without a staff member checking the contents of the box, allowing the offender to pocket the cash as well as keep the machine. When coupled with the crude inscription, the dodgey person pulled a literal dick-move.

The Target store quickly rectified the situation for the Lundy’s, providing them with an actual PS4, a $100 gift card and copies of the The Nathan Drake Collection and Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIKristen Lundy, Scott’s step-mother, said they “couldn’t have been kinder.”

Screenshot 2015-12-28 13.16.25

I’d argue Black Ops III, an R18+ game, is more inappropriate for a young child than a crappy penis drawing, but that’s just me. (Source: Fox News)

What’s most baffling about this story however is what the Target employees had to say about the whole incident. When asked by Fox News what management said when they brought the wooden PS4 back to the store, Brian Lundy replied: “they said it happens occasionally, and they just go with it.”

You’d think if this sort of thing had happened before Target would make a habit of inspecting the inside of console boxes brought back to the shop for return, especially when it is an item intended for reselling. But I suppose like the wooden block the Lundy’s received, and the phallus emblazoned upon it, Target would find that to be incredibly hard.

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