Month: December 2015

Charlie’s top three games of 2015

  With 2015 all but over it’s that time of the year for arbitrary lists of stranger’s opinions. But you should trust this stranger’s opinion because I spent most of the year playing games, and nobody payed me off for good scores because nobody paid me, so yeah, integrity.  Without further delay, here are my top three picks for games of 2015 (and some honourable mentions) , t...[Read More]

Tom’s top three games of 2015

  2015 was a pretty good year for games. So good, in fact, that I predicted it would be really hard to choose my own personal Game of the Year. And boy was it. I haven’t agonised over a decision like this in anything other than a Telltale game in a long time. Honourable mentions: But before we get into that, here are some shout outs to the games that were great, but honestly just not qu...[Read More]

Hideo Kojima’s new studio partners with Playstation

  Finally, official news regarding what the heck Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is doing after the many rumours of him leaving Kojima Productions and Konami earlier this year. We heard he was only on vacation, that he was barred from attending an awards ceremony, but still no actual word as to whether he had left the company and if so what he was up to. Well, he’s forming a new studio,...[Read More]

Xmas ideas for your gaming family/friends

  So, that whole Christmas thing is next week. Came up quickly didn’t it? While I’d like to think we’d all be super organised and gotten all our gifts wrapped and ready to go so we can just sit back and enjoy the “holiday season”, the introduction of late trading hours (sometimes never even closing) in the lead up to Christmas suggests otherwise. But which came f...[Read More]

My greatest gaming failure

– Kyle Tander My greatest gaming failure needs to be introduced with a confession, and I beg the internet to please not hate me. Promise? OK, here goes: I have never played Final Fantasy VII, or any Final Fantasy game for that matter. I know it’s really bad to have never properly touched one the most renowned gaming franchises of all time, and before the internet hunts me down for such blasp...[Read More]

4K Star Wars is goooooooood

  Ever wondered what it would feel like to actually be in the Star Wars universe? If you answered no, then you are incorrect, that wasn’t a hypothetical question… also, what’s wrong with you? Originally uploaded a few days ago, this 4K Star Wars Battlefront video by YouTuber Jack Fraggs might be the closest most of us get to the real thing: Captured in 4K and 60FPS using the...[Read More]

Firewatch gameplay – surprisingly terrifying…

  There was once a time when first person shooter games would primarily have silent player characters. The action would happen around the player, and their only influence on it would be to flip the occasional switch and shoot some guys in the face, but dialogue and narrative beats would just be things to witness, never to be a part of. This practice usually stems from developers wanting to ma...[Read More]

Destiny: Sparrow racing and future DLC

  – James Orr The ‘Sparrow Racing League’ (SRL) arrived with the latest Destiny update. It’s the first event since The Taken King launched that includes new gameplay, unlike the Halloween event, ‘Festival of the Lost’ which, while enjoyable, was entirely cosmetic. Many players, including myself, were excited at the introduction of Sparrow racing, particularly as it’s free. It’s a featur...[Read More]

Fat Princess Adventures review

  I’m not too sure where to start with this review, every fiber of my being wanted the latest addition to PlayStation’s exclusive Fat Princess series to be good, not that Fat Princess Adventures is terrible, but it just isn’t Fat Princess as we know it. Fat Princess Adventures has seen the beloved capture the flag style multiplayer game turned into a RPGish hack and slash ga...[Read More]

Star Wars Google Street View mod makes for bad flight sim

  We’ve officially hit peak Star Wars hype. By this time next week, The Force Awakens will be a thing that you can go see. You not doing anything that day? You could go and see the movie with your eyes. Well, if you can get a ticket, I imagine all the reasonable sessions have been booked out for months. That’s cool, I’m willing to wait and avoid those annoying people whoR...[Read More]

Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta impressions

  Since December 4 those who own the Nathan Drake Collection have been able to play the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer beta. I’ve had a fair bit of time to play the game too, below you can see an compilation video of a round where I didn’t completely suck, it shows off elements from the game, including sidekicks and supernatural power ups: Here’s what I’v...[Read More]

HTC Vive VR release window announced

  VR is on its way into our living rooms, we’ve known this for quite some time. Playstation’s entry into the market, boringly named Playstation VR, blew my mind at PAX Australia earlier this year. So while I’m also not convinced it will be the epic game changer it hopes to be (yet), I am still super excited to get longer hands on time with it. All we’ve ever been told ...[Read More]

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