Month: December 2015

300 BoS vs. 30,000 Deathclaws

  We love a good NPC battle in Fallout 4. In fact we have shared some of our favourites since the game launched. This one however takes the cake. And by cake we mean pushes modern computing to the limits… this guy’s rig must be next level. Prepare to witness 300 Brotherhood of Steel vs. 30,000 Deathclaws. Yes that is the correct amount of zeros. Well, that was an unexpected result...[Read More]

Is the Battle of Jakku for you?

  The Battle of Jakku DLC arrived for Star Wars Battlefront yesterday. Currently only available for those who preordered, the free DLC will be available for everyone else on December 8. Some will be happy to get a piece of free DLC and see a new planet, however the more skeptical gamers out there will be wondering if this first morsel of DLC for Battlefront sufficiently pads out the game̵...[Read More]

Reviewing reviews: Critics and crowds, aligned or not

– Axdsilva Opinions about video games are only rivalled by the opinions we have about the players (HAX! HAX! You know who are). Critics in particular can impact a game’s hype, increasing or decreasing it. Some admit they prefer Metacritic’s reviews over their players. But do critics really represent the audience reaction to a game? Well that’s the big question, Metacritic themselves actually...[Read More]

New Xbox One experience: (Almost) everything we hoped for

– James Orr The New Xbox One Experience is here, and after spending some time with it we can say that it’s definitely been for the better. First is of course backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games. Though currently limited to only about a hundred games, many more are to arrive in the coming months and hopefully years. The integration has been surprisingly smooth, as 360 games run faster ...[Read More]

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