Month: January 2016

A few hours with The Division beta

  The Division, Ubisoft’s new third-person apocalypse shooter/MMORPG, is almost upon us as its March 8 release date approaches. However, the game’s beta test went live a few days ago and I’ve finally had the chance to sit down and have some proper hands on time with it. So while my editorial compadre Charlie Braithwaite will be reviewing the game when it launches, here are s...[Read More]

Danny Devito to voice Great Detective Pikachu?

  Earlier in the week we posted an article about the strange voice of Pikachu in the upcoming Pokémon game, Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo. In that article I made jokes about how the western voice actor will probably need to sound equally as gruff as the Japanese counterpart. Well, it turns out I wasn’t the only one hoping for something weird. A movement has sprung up o...[Read More]

Does 10 go into One? Xbox One’s compatibility with Windows

– James Orr I recently upgraded my PC to Windows 10, with one of the reasons being its compatibility with the Xbox One. Does Windows 10 offer anything new or worthwhile in regards to console gaming? The short answer: yes, but not a whole lot. Windows 10 comes with the Xbox App installed and ready to launch. The app is everything you’d expect, functioning as a cross-between the Xbox website a...[Read More]

Bold Civ V strategy ends with a twist

  For those who haven’t played Civilization V you’re missing out on possibly the largest time sink in the gaming world. When I first started playing a year or so back (yes, I was late to the party) I racked up almost 50 hours from just two games. Let that sink in. When it was announced that one Civ player had completed a game in 50 turns, using Venice no less (a civilization that ...[Read More]

Pikachu’s voice in Great Detective Pikachu may shock you

  So there’s this detective in a new Pokémon game trailer. The guy sounds kinda gruff, not quite Tom Waits on the gruff scale, but you still wouldn’t put it past this detective to punch darts non stop and drink only single malt whisky.  In a surprising twist this detective isn’t quite the image of masculinity you may expect, it’s Pikachu. Check it out in the video belo...[Read More]

The Cyanide & Happiness random comic generator is dark

  In the slow month for gaming news that is January, myself and fellow Editor Tom have found ourselves spending way too many hours on the Cyanide & Happiness site using their random comic generator. The results have varied between making us laugh, sit in awkward silence and straight up “NOPE” our way out of the office. Here are some of the best Cyanide & Happiness comics w...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront DLC details emerge – free content coming tomorrow

  When the Star Wars Battlefront DLC season pass price was announced everyone exclaimed that they could buy their own ship for that. Details were scarce until just before the game launched and publisher EA revealed the season pass would consist of four expansion packs that would add a total 16 extra maps. Coupling this with the promise of new hero characters, game modes and weapons, suddenly ...[Read More]

The most ‘Strayan things in the most ‘Strayan game

  So it’s Australia Day; for some a day where drunk idiots don flag-capes and start fights, others a day to mourn the terrible atrocities on which the day is the anniversary, and the rest stay out of it and use the day off to have a nice BBQ and listen to Triple J’s Hottest 100 Countdown. Regardless of where you fit into those three groups, for all of them it is the day to acknowl...[Read More]

LoadScreen play Who’s Your Daddy

  Put your hands up if you like infant mortality? PUT THEM DOWN! Who’s Your Daddy is one of the latest hit early access games on Steam. The premise is simple, one player controls a parent tasked with doing chores and baby proofing the house, the other player controls an angsty baby who is trying their best to shuffle off this mortal coil. Sounds horrible, right? Well it is, but its also...[Read More]

There’s a new Attack on Titan game trailer

  We were pretty excited when the Attack on Titan game for Ps4 was announced. The shows premise lends itself so perfectly to a video game adaptation that this console release feels long overdue. The latest trailer, which was released on January 20, depicts moments from the show and manga, and what looks to be a variation of playable characters from the series. In the four minute long video we...[Read More]

Horror games to look forward to in 2016

  It’s that time of year again – the holiday season is over, the festivities that come with it have concluded and inevitably we turn our attention to the new year and what we hope to see or accomplish before December is upon us again. And if you’re a gamer – which, naturally, I’ll assume you are – you’ve already started thinking about what video game ...[Read More]

Five Nights At Freddy’s World flopped onto Steam today

  Five Nights At Freddy’s is one of those games that’s popular because let’s play YouTubers decreed it so at their annual meeting of awfulness. Each of the series’ four titles were released within the space of a year (2014-2015), which is remarkable for any game series, even one that is arguably pretty bland. But all credit where it’s due to the solo game dev Sco...[Read More]

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