Friday the 13th: The Game brings logic to horror



Have you ever been watching a horror film and wondered why nobody has whipped out their phone and called the police? Even if it’s set in a pre-mobile era, you think there would be a phone relatively near the character and their first reaction might be, “hey, those guys that protect and serve us might be able to serve me through protection.”

Well luckily for those who are fans of Friday the 13th and can’t wait to get slashed to bits in Friday the 13th: The Game, you will totally be able to call the cops by repairing a phone and making the call. Whether they will turn up in time to save you will be a whole other ball game, considering what we’ve already seen shows a game that will be insanely difficult to survive in.

So far the game looks to be fun, putting up to seven players in control of camp counselors trying to survive an attack from Jason Voorhees, as one player controls the masked man himself.

The game was brought to life following a successful Kickstarter campaign, and should be playable at some point this year with a tentative release date of October 2016. So far the devs have released snippets into what the gameplay will look like, which you can see below:

This one details the terrifying notion of running out of stamina whilst being chased down:

Hopefully Friday the 13th: The Game can recreate the intense fear of being chased by an iconic horror figure as well as Alien: Isolation did, but with the knowledge that one of your friends is causing you this much anguish…. I love it when games ruin friendships.

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