Five Nights At Freddy’s World flopped onto Steam today



Five Nights At Freddy’s is one of those games that’s popular because let’s play YouTubers decreed it so at their annual meeting of awfulness. Each of the series’ four titles were released within the space of a year (2014-2015), which is remarkable for any game series, even one that is arguably pretty bland. But all credit where it’s due to the solo game dev Scott Cawthon, it’s not him that I have an issue with, in fact I admire his success, but I just don’t get why people like his games.

FNaF world 2

This looks great… right?

In the past few years Steam has spiraled  downwards in terms of quality, the store has been increasingly filled with half baked titles that are there solely to make a quick buck. Now, I’m not saying FNaF World is doing that, but it’s pretty easy to assume that this game is more of a cash grab than a labour of love. Let’s take a look at how the game has been received so far in Steam reviews.

FNaF world steam 2

Not too bad a start as negative reviews go, at least they were nice to the dev.

FNaF world steam 3

Sounds fast paced.

FNaF world steam 4

Seems like a waste of money for this guy.

FNaF world steam 5

Not sure I get it, but it doesn’t sound good.

FNaF world steam


It’s interesting to note that on Steam the game is listed as “very positive” in terms of reviews, however most of the reviews I posted above were on the default store page for the game, where the most helpful reviews are listed. To date there is only one written positive review vs. 14 written negative reviews, but a total of 159  positive reviews vs. 23 negative on record.

It’s also interesting that most of these negative reviewers have barely played the game, with the highest play time being 0.4 hours, so either it’s that awful off the bat, or they bought it to slag off the game. I’m not sure which is worse.

But it looks so good!

But it looks so good!

Ultimately this is one of those titles that will divide the internet, because the internet loves nothing more than arguing over trivial shit. I for one won’t play it, I could probably already give you my review score based off of what I’ve seen and past experiences with FNaF games. Look at the trailer and guess my score, please, do it.

If you want to take a risk and play FNaF World it will set you back US$9.99 on Steam.

Charlie looks forward to playing FNaF World 6 by the end of the year, follow him on Twitter @clbraith and don’t forget to follow @load_screen and like us on Facebook.


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