Star Wars Battlefront DLC details emerge – free content coming tomorrow



When the Star Wars Battlefront DLC season pass price was announced everyone exclaimed that they could buy their own ship for that. Details were scarce until just before the game launched and publisher EA revealed the season pass would consist of four expansion packs that would add a total 16 extra maps. Coupling this with the promise of new hero characters, game modes and weapons, suddenly the almost-a-full-game price tag started to make more sense.

That is until we got our hands on the game and discovered the base offering realistically consists of four maps (with size variants for different game modes), making the season pass appear to really be the Kylo Ren to Battlefront’s Darth Vader.

kylo ren

…because it’ll finish what the other started- I’ll see myself out.

Today, EA has announced some more specifics as to the content of the four expansion packs in a post on the Battlefront website:

  • Pack 1: “Outer Rim”, releasing in March, will add Jabba’s Tatooine Palace as well as the factories of Sullust (the lava planet featured in the base game) as locations.
  • Pack 2: “Bespin”, coming mid-year, features an action-packed “hunt or be hunted” experience in Cloud City.
  • Pack 3: “Death Star”, coming Q3 2016, obviously adds the Death Star as a location.
  • Pack 4: TBA, set for early 2017.

It is probably safe to assume there won’t be 12 new levels in that unannounced pack, since each of these new locations is probably considered as multiple maps like the ones in the standalone game.

EA also announced some free content updates over the next few months, with the first dropping tomorrow. On January 28, the Tatooine Survival Mode map will be playable in other game modes, new Hoth based costumes for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo along with the much needed ability to create private matches with friends. There will also be some tweaks to the overall balance of the game.

More free updates will drop in February and March. The February update will add a new Hoth Survival map, another Hoth map for the larger game modes (Supremacy, Walker Assault, Turning Point and Fighter Squadron) and will also make the Turning Point game mode playable on all larger maps, having so far been exclusive to the Battle of Jakku location. Similar things will come in March, with a new Endor map on the way as well as a new Tatooine Survival map.

battlefront emp

Goooood, goooooooooooooood…

One can hardly argue that there isn’t a wealth of content coming to Star Wars Battlefront in DLC form, almost justifying the price tag attached to it if there are indeed multiple, diverse maps within each of the new locations. But the point of contention a lot of players have is that the initial offering was so little compared to previous titles in both the Battlefront franchise and developer DICE’s Battlefield games.

Sure, Battlefront may have the 12 maps DICE and EA advertised it had if you include every location variant across every single game mode, but that’s nothing compared to Battlefield 4. It had 11 maps playable entirely in Conquest mode alone (the equivalent to Battlefront’s Supremacy), meaning you play that mode exclusively and still have a satisfyingly diverse experience. It also had an admittedly mediocre single player campaign!

Battlefield‘s season pass added to that strong initial offering, but it kind of feels like Battlefront’s DLC is the game struggling to reach that point.

Regardless, I stand by what I said when playing the beta: the game is damn fun.

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