Bold Civ V strategy ends with a twist



For those who haven’t played Civilization V you’re missing out on possibly the largest time sink in the gaming world. When I first started playing a year or so back (yes, I was late to the party) I racked up almost 50 hours from just two games. Let that sink in.

When it was announced that one Civ player had completed a game in 50 turns, using Venice no less (a civilization that can’t build settlers and expand rapidly), I was blown away. Well, as it turns out the video was something else entirely, and seriously, it’s totally worth checking out, even if you don’t play the game:

For those who didn’t watch the video (shame on you, it is hilarious), the player is shown struggling through over 30 hours of gameplay. From the get go the player mocks Canada, something he continues to do as the game progresses, making fun of the city names and its place amongst other great empires.

As a civilization without the means to expand, lowly Venice is left defenceless and stuck on its island watching the world around develop and unfold. Turns rapidly fly past, far exceeding the 50 mark. The Aztec, Danish and Canadian empires enter into a cold war, with Venice aligning itself with the Aztecs and Denmark. However Venice has no forces, so it helplessly watches from its island unable to expand.

Slowly the nations develop nuclear arms and hostilities escalate into an atomic onslaught, filling the map with radioactive wasteland. When Denmark and the Aztecs crumble under the might of Canada, the player laments that he can no longer win as Venice.

That’s because he has already won.

As Canada.

"I approve."

“I approve.”

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