XCOM 2 day one mods from Long War team announced



For some people, developer Firaxis’ 2012 XCOM: Enemy Unknown wasn’t hard enough. “A ruthless game of statistical likelihoods, tough decision making and infantry perma-death? BAH,” they said. “We want enemies that can research and upgrade themselves like we can, and soldiers who tire and weaken after too many consecutive missions! We want our games to MAKE US WEEP.”


“…guys, chill…” (Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown)

And so The Long War mod was born, adding those aforementioned features as well as new weapon types, an increase in soldier deployment and a boost in player ego upon completion. The mod was so successful that Firaxis recently announced they were working with Long War Studios to create mods for the upcoming XCOM 2, releasing this Friday.

And not only that, some of the mods will be available on the February 5 launch day. So for those who know the vanilla XCOM 2 experience will be beneath their seasoned Long War skills, then rest assured you won’t have to wait to get your fix.

Xcom 2 retaliation

So you can lower the gun now… (Source: XCOM 2)

On a panel at PAX South over the weekend, Firaxis revealed what mods would be launching on Friday, some of which are direct follow ups from The Long War‘s added features.

Firstly, the sub-machine gun is back and is able to be equipped by any troops who can use assault rifles. The trade off for doing so is having less accuracy over greater distances compared to the assault rifle, however its lighter weight grants a mobility bonus and makes the carrier harder to detect in stealth situations.

The second mod similar to a Long War feature adds a new bunch of leadership skill perks to certain soldiers, such as other troops within range of them receive mobility bonuses etc. These perks will be expensive and time consuming to attain and only one troop sporting them can be deployed per mission.

And lastly, there’s a new enemy type because of course the onslaught of tough opponents from Firaxis isn’t enough for some people. Dubbed the “Muton Centurion”, it was described as a “mini boss Muton” and already sounds terrifying.

xcom muton centurian

Which fits right in, because all XCOM enemies are terrifying.

All of these mods will be available from the Steam Workshop for free when XCOM 2 launches on Friday. But while you Long War junkies all rush to jump on board the pain train, I’ll be going through the vanilla XCOM 2, savouring my sanity.

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