The Division open beta begins Feb 19



Good news for those of you curious about The Division but missed out on access to the closed beta in January, it’s coming back and will be open to everyone from February 19 to 21. No need for a pre-order or press access, and preloading the content onto your Playstation 4, Xbox One or PC will be possible from February 16. In fact, Xbox One users will get a 24 hour early access period much like the closed beta, beginning February 18.


Soon, you too can have some Dark Zone shenanigans…

In my experience with the closed beta, I found there was too little content to actually get a feel for the game and no one really knew what else to do. Thankfully Ubisoft have announced the open beta will include an extra story mission on top of the one previously shown, and really any extra directed content will be a good thing. I know it’s a beta test, but for players to properly, you know, test the thing they need to know how to play it and these missions are essentially tutorials.

And if you read my review of The Witness, you know how important I think tutorials are.

But when it comes down to it, what we really need to avoid is more of this:

Never again…

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