The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series begins Feb 23



With the sixth season of the TV show returning this weekend, fans of The Walking Dead have another reason to be excited this month: the new Telltale Games Michonne focused mini-series is premièring from February 23.

In a blog post on their website, Telltale revealed the release date along with the release schedule of the whole three part series stating episodes will drop monthly, concluding in April. This is a little surprising given Telltale have in the past released their episodes on a six-to-eight week schedule, or in The Wolf Among Us‘ case, whenever they damn felt like it.

walking dead michonne headchop

This what happens when you ask when The Walking Dead: Season Three is coming out…

Set within the world of the graphic novels, The Walking Dead: Michonne is set during her absence in issues #126 to #139, which readers will know was a pivotal turning point for the ongoing narrative. What little Telltale has revealed is that the première episode, “In Too Deep”, takes Michonne on board a ship searching for survivors on the coast, only to discover new horrors in a nearby colony.

walking dead capt-zombie1920x1080

“He died the way he lived, with no flesh on his face.”

Starring Orange is the New Black’s Samira Wiley as the blade master herself, The Walking Dead: Michonne will première on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC/Mac on February 23. It launch on the Google Play and iOS stores on February 25.

Here’s hoping it will be as much of an emotional gut punch as previous seasons were…

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