First Fallout 4 DLC announced, season pass price to rise



Bethesda have today announced the first round of Fallout 4 DLC, including a new world area, a new mechanised enemy/companion type as well as the ability to capture and tame the various creatures found throughout the Boston wasteland. The DLC will be released incrementally over the next three months, is included within Fallout 4’s season pass and will also be available for individual sale.

Coming first in March is “Automatron”, where the Mechanist has returned and unleashed an army of robots into the Commonwealth. Bethesda says players can “hunt them down and harvest their parts to build and mod your own custom robot companions.” These robot companions can be modified in regards to body types, weapons, abilities and voices.

As a standalone, it will be priced at $9.99US/$16.95AUD.

Fallout 4_Add-On_Pack_v8-auto_1000

That evil guy in the back just looks mortified at its children being slaughtered by the Vault Dwellers…

Next up is “Wasteland Workshop”, coming in April. The new workshop options open up the ability to capture any animals from around the Commonwealth, including humans. And yes, even Deathclaws. This add-on seems to be in response to the popularity of YouTube videos involving people pitting hordes of monsters against other monsters, as any captured creatures can be instructed to fight to the death, even against people in your settlements.

The Wasteland Workshop also adds extra items to place in your settlements, such as taxidermy. Will people be among the things that can be stuffed and mounted? That remains to be seen, but I suspect we’ll see a lot more of those creepy, serial killer-esque videos from previous Bethesda games if they can be.

The Workshop’s standalone price will be $4.99US/$7.95AUD

Fallout 4_Add-On_Pack_wasteland_workshop_1000

We want YOU, to slaughter animals and people for sport!

And finally, we have “Far Harbor” arriving in May, a new area of the Commonwealth unlocked from Nick Valentine’s detective agency. Set off the coast of Maine, the island of Far Harbor is caught in the midst of a conflict between Synths, the Children of the Atom and the local population, and is the “largest landmass for an add-on that [Bethesda] has ever created.” The island contains more faction quests and settlements, as well as dungeons to explore and higher level weapons and equipment to find.

Being the most substantial of the add-ons, it is also the most expensive; priced at $24.99US/$39.95AUD.

Fallout 4_Add-On_Pack_far_harbor_1000

“Dogmeat, is this a bad time to mention I cannot swim?”

Bethesda also announced that these offerings are just the beginning and they are aiming to bring “more than $60US worth” of DLC to Fallout 4 by the end of 2016. To reflect the growth of their DLC plans, Bethesda are going to raise the price of the Fallout 4 season pass from $29.99US/$49.95AUD to $49.99/$79.95 on March 1. Bethesda say players who have already purchased the season pass will not be affected by this change and will get all of the DLC for 2016, and anyone who has yet to purchase the pass can do so at the original price before March 1 to receive the same.

The price rise is an interesting one, as it raises questions as to how much the DLC plans for Fallout 4 have changed since the announcement of the original pricing or if this is simply an incentive to persuade anyone waiting on feedback on the content to adopt earlier. Regardless of which, at time of writing the season pass was the top selling item on Steam, so a lot of people are jumping on it while it’s cheaper.

Screenshot 2016-02-17 14.48.56

You know, if we count The Division as the first in its franchise, we have games featuring the numbers 1-5 here…

Any players wanting to sign up to beta test these DLC pack can do so here. As well as all this DLC, Bethsda say they’re “hard at work on the Creation Kit,” which will allow players to create and implement mods within the game, along with other free updates to be announced in future.

I played Fallout 4 when it came out, where in my review I said: “Despite some flaws/frustrations in its mechanics, it is definitely one of the best, and most fun, open world RPGs to date.”

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