Hideo Kojima wants to bring “displeasure” into his games with VR



It’s no secret that a couple of us here at LoadScreen are huge fans of P.T., the playable teaser trailer for the now cancelled Silent Hills developed by Metal Gear Solid’s Hideo Kojima and film-maker Guillermo del Toro. I praised P.T.’s use of “curiosity/pants-shitting-terror” to guide the player in a piece discussing its upcoming indie spiritual successor, Allison RoadAllison Road is also a game our horror expert Karly Taylor is greatly anticipating for the same reason.

P.T. was proof that these two powerhouses of creativity knew what they were doing when it came to a new horror experience. If you missed a chance to play P.T. before Konami deleted it from existence, there’s a video out there somewhere of myself and two gentlemen I host a podcast with playing the game and squealing. Enjoy our strong sense of displeasure.

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The game may be dark as balls, but that squealing idiot in the middle there is genuinely terrified.

Speaking of displeasure, Kojima himself used that word to describe the kind of “feelings” he’d like to make players experience if he were to make a game using VR technology. Speaking to IGN at the DICE Summit this week, he said: “Shooters are always fun, but I’m more interested, for example, in bringing out feelings in people that are unique to VR. Some feelings, maybe displeasure, maybe horror. But not the kind of horror you get from grotesque or gory things, but a different kind of horror.”

He went on to describe a situation where a VR player is in a room full of people, not knowing the context of where they are or why or even who they are, thus creating fear through a sense of the unknown regarding one’s self. Kojima also expressed an interest in how VR can trick your mind into perceiving things that aren’t real, something I have certainly had personal experience with, using the room he was in at the time as an example.

“Let’s suppose this table where I’m sitting is in VR,” he said. “Before putting [the headset] on, there’s no table here. I put my headset on, and the table is here. In your brain, you’re conscious there’s nothing here, but the moment you put something on, it’s there. In theory, you should be able to stand up, because there’s no table there, but you cannot stand up. That’s something that there was nothing like in video games so far.”


Putting a VR headset on and this being my perceived reality? NOPE.

If P.T. is anything to go by, I shudder to think what kind of mind bending, garment soiling, make-a-therapist-very-rich-one-day terror Kojima and del Toro could cook up in VR. And rest assured del Toro will most likely be involved, as he stated later on a DICE panel with Kojima that he’s done with game development “except with [Kojima].” del Toro even went so far as to say he’ll do “whatever the fuck [Kojima] wants.”

Here’s hoping that if and when the two of them bring a horror experience to VR we can all afford it…

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