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-Stefan Bradley

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U has officially ended with the final DLC of Corrin and Bayonetta launching. To celebrate the end of new Smash Bros. characters as we know it, I just wanted to spit-ball some ideas for a additions to the next iteration’s roster. I know Street Fighter V is all the rage at the moment, but it doesn’t even include Blanka so maybe it could learn a thing or two from this list as well.

King K Rool

King K RoolThe antagonist of Donkey Kong Country and many DK games after and who I’m almost certain came second in the ballot. He should have been in Melee for crying out loud. He’s included as a costume, and even though he didn’t appear in either of Retro Studio’s DKC revival games, he did recently appear in DK Jungle Climber, DK Jet Barrel Blast and even in a Mario sports spin-off. This game needs more villains and the DK series deserves more representation.


shantaeThe game’s developers gave her inclusion the green light and she has a legacy of platforming games. She first appeared on the Game Boy Colour and has experienced a modern revival. She’s a colourful character, being half-human, half-genie, and her hair can whip the competition into submission.


Rayman_origins_manNintendo did work with Ubisoft to get a Rayman trophy into the game, and just like Shantae, is a classic character that recently underwent a well-received revival. Plus, having hands and feet with no limbs gives him a lot of…range.


TakamaruApparently this guy has been considered since Melee. He was actually planned for Smash 4, but was scrapped because he’s not recognisable in the West. He was in one NES game, and had a mini-game in Nintendo Land, and even appeared in Samurai Warriors 3 and Captain Rainbow. There’s a lot of sword fighters, but Takamaru throws shurikens and would be the first two handed swordsman. Ike and Cloud are so up themselves they hold their two handed swords with one.


inklingCorrin was added to promote an upcoming game, but I don’t see why they didn’t choose an Inkling from Splatoon, a new game that generated quite the buzz on the Wii U. The Inklings and Splatoon represent the typical Nintendo charm. There would be a variety of weapons and gadgets to use, plus switching from kid to squid. And the stage would be so cool too!


Banjo_y_kazooieI guess they could add Yooka-Laylee instead to be more current, but Banjo-Kazooie has history and dedicated fans. You may be thinking the Duck Hunt Duo is what their move-set would be, but considering B-K franchise is based on acquiring moves, I’m sure there’s plenty of variety for Smash Bros director Masashiro Sakurai to choose from. Phil Spencer from Microsoft gave his approval too.

Shovel Knight

ShovelKnightRunMost likely the main thing holding him back is that his game hasn’t been released in Japan yet. He’s proven to be quite popular for an indie character, and even got his own Amiibo. So hopefully by the time the next Smash game comes out he will have a few more games and moves under his belt to draw inspiration from.

Phoenix Wright

phoenix wrightObjection! I hear you say. He may be just a lawyer, but his move-set can be simply taken off Marvel vs Capcom. Simple.

Professor Hershel Layton

professorlaytonHe may be a gentleman and a professor, but he also has sword skills. Since he’s not strictly known as a swordsman, he doesn’t have to be “another bloody sword character” but can also use his smarts.


Sceptile_Mega_DreamThe third Pokemon generation doesn’t have a rep – neither does the fifth – but Sceptile has been particularly popular. If not him, it will be a character from the inevitable 7th and/or 8th gen, and probably one of the grass starters.


bombermanHudson’s Soft white bomber has been around since the NES days and has been in a variety of games. There’s more to him than just chucking explosions, he also rides animals and acquires various gadgets to enhance his movements in the air and in the water. His Final Smash can be a game of bomb dodge just like in Smash when sudden death goes on for too long.


krystalHer name has popped up often, and I’m surprised she was overlooked in favour of Wolf in Brawl. She would be the only staff fighter besides Palutena, and since in Star Fox Assault she took up modern Arwing technology, she’d be quite a flexible fighting. Since the games have taken a reboot story-wise with Star Fox Zero in which she won’t appear, maybe her chances are less likely, but I’d think she’d be great.


Meta ridleySakurai tried to get him in Brawl, and considered again in Smash 4, and he knows how much we want him, but he considers him too big and not fit for the game. I’m sure the fans will appreciate him being shrunk as long as he’s still the biggest and heaviest character. Metroid needs more reps, and the only alternative to this so-called ‘Ridley is too big’ meme is his smaller clone Little Birdie, but that would be lame.


chibi roboThe series is on the verge of discontinuing if the newest game doesn’t sell well…which it hasn’t, so that’s a good argument against its inclusion. But…he would fit! It’d be a great way to regenerate interest. We already have a robot you say, well we have six Fire Emblem sword fighters, with half of them sporting blue hair and based on the same move-set, so shush.

Dixie Kong

Dixie kongApparently she was going to be either a character in Brawl or a tag team character with Diddy, but it didn’t turn out that way. I must admit I’m surprised she was considered before K Rool. If not a fully fledged character, at least have her as a Diddy Kong alt. There are only two DK reps and that’s not enough.


KnucklesThere seems to be this unwritten rule that third party characters are entitled to only one rep, otherwise Tails, Dr Eggman and Knuckles would definitely be in the game. Knuckles should be included over Tails because Knux started the ‘On-Disc DLC’ thing with literal ‘On-Disk DLC’. I am referring to the ‘Lock-On Technology’ where you place the Sonic 3 cartridge/disk on top of the Sonic and Knuckles game to unlock content that was already there! Then the new Smash game can be called Super Smash Bros 5 and Knuckles, but you have to buy the Knuckles DLC!


TingleYes, so people in the West hate his guts, but you know it’s going to happen eventually. He has his own spin-off series, so it’s only a matter of time.


SyluxThis rival of Samus Aran appeared in Metroid Prime Hunters. His ship made an appearance at the end of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, as confirmed by producer Kensuke Tanabe. He also said he wanted a future Metroid Prime game to create a story around Sylux and Samus, so we have another potential Smash Bros character!


Toad_3D_LandWe’re all sick of the Mario reps almost as much as the Mario Party games, but Toad really should have been in before Rosalina, Bowser Jr, and maybe even Wario. He was first playable in Super Mario Bros 2, and has since starred in Wario Woods, Captain Toad and been playable in the home console New Super Mario Bros games. Also, stuff Toadsworth, he can be Peach’s counter attack instead.


E-ReaderI feel like the Nintendo peripherals need more reps. R.O.B. is cool and a hipster choice for sure, but that NES add-on was successful. E-Reader was like the Virtual Boy; it didn’t do so well, and should be brought back to regenerate interest.

Simon Belmont

Simon belmontDracula is arguably the real star of the Castlevania series, but Simon Belmont is not based on an existing character and is iconic in his own right. He has many weapons, like a whip, an axe, dagger, stake and even a boomerang to make the game appeal to us Aussies.



She has cool hair and she rides a wolf, and everyone loves dogs, even if it’s just Link in disguise. Midna’s one of the more popular Zelda characters, and unlike Tingle is actually cool.

Crash Bandicoot

CrashBandicootSo he was an unofficial Playstation mascot, so what? His series is dead now and Nintendo could save his career. Crash can spin, ride animals, shoot wumpa fruit out of a bazooka, slam dunk, throw boxes and has a floating mask that goes “Oo-ga-da-bah”.


Spyro He’s a classic character and had a revival with the Skylanders series. Plus he’s already been a toy, so he can double-dip as an Amiibo. He can fly and control elements such as fire, electricity, ice and earth.


Impa Sheik may have filled the Sheikah tribe position in Smash, but Impa has been there since the beginning of the series and was a total bad arse in Hyrule Warriors, being the second playable character after Link. Her move-set in that game would be a great inspiration, same for Midna and Tingle.


Geno The only reason I’m including him is because word just came out that Sakurai told Nintendo Dream magazine that Geno was considered for both Brawl and Smash 4. He was of course regulated to a costume in the recent DLC, but also seemed to do quite well in the ballot. Don’t get me wrong, I have fond memories of Geno in Super Mario RPG, but he’s still a support character in the only Mario RPG to not be franchised. His move-set would be pretty sick though.


Isaac He’s the most prominent character in the Golden Sun RPG series on Nintendo’s handhelds. He appeared as an Assist Trophy in Brawl but not in Smash 4, so perhaps he was considered as playable? He would be another swordsman yes, but like Robin can also utilise magic.


Dillon This armadillo has been in two downloadable 3DS titles and was given Assist Trophy status in Smash 4. He stars in tower defence games so he can be a defensive character that fights with his claws and by rolling into a ball. He also looks awesome and I think he’d fit in with the cool kids of Smash.


mallo Okay so all he does is push blocks and jump on them, but believe it or not this blob has starred in four critically acclaimed puzzle games since 2011.

Ray Mk III

RaymkIII Yes, more robots! It looks like Nintendo’s version of a Transformer! The Custom Robo series is all about robots fighting each other in an enclosed space, so it can’t be hard to give one these robots a move-set in Smash.

DK Bongos

DK_Bongos What’s with the scoff? I’m serious. Remember how I was lamenting the lack of DK reps and Nintendo peripherals? The DK Bongos solve both problems. It may be Donkey Kong’s Final Smash for now, but that can be changed. In fact, the DK Bongos should replace Donkey Kong and for its Final Smash the Bongos should be the one playing Donkey Kong. Have you played Donkey Kong Jungle Beat? In that game, DK doesn’t play the Bongos, the Bongos literally play Donkey Kong.

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