Stephen Curry is so good in real life he has to be a cheat character in NBA 2k16



I want to preface this piece of news by saying I have little to no knowledge of sports, especially basketball. And I don’t say that to pre-empt some kind of ignorance on my part, more that this piece of news regarding NBA 2k16 and Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry so hilarious that even a scrawny physical activity shun-er like me is interested.

The specifics of the situation requires a lot of jargon, but what it boils down to is that in 2K Games’ pursuit of accurately replicating the level of skill each player’s real-life counterpart has in game, they’ve discovered that Curry is so good he would pretty much have to be a cheat character. Like if you were playing QWOP and you could choose to be Usain Bolt.


I’m no Photoshop wizard, but this is still a pretty accurate artist’s rendering of what that would look like.

In NBA 2k16, players are rewarded extra points for using their team members in ways that are similar to how their real-life counterparts play. 2k16 doesn’t just give you a team of generic avatars and make them look like the real players, each one is a legitimate digital replica of that particular person. Their likelihood and ability to make certain moves or shots from particular positions and under certain circumstances has been tailored to be accurate to their skills on the field. This is a system 2K has spent many games perfecting.

Speaking to Forbes earlier this weekNBA 2K16 gameplay director Mike Wang talked about how the developer has used accurately representing player skill to avoid a tactic known as “3-point cheesing”, where players make 3-point shots from absurd distances and after strenuous dribbling that most real-life players just can’t do.

“Scoring in the paint and 3-point shooting have historically been the toughest areas to properly balance,” Wang said. The system they implemented makes attempting to shoot hoops (did I sports right?) harder to do in those circumstances, thereby discouraging players from thinking just because this is a video game they can do unrealistic things.

But when it comes to Stephen Curry, it turns out he attempts these kinds of shots all the time, and pretty much always makes them.


Works, meet the Spanner.

That’s right, the real Stephen Curry is so good that to accurately replicate him in the game using the current system would make him an “I WIN” player. He’s essentially NBA’s equivalent to Oddjob.

Wang told Frobes that the team are hard at work finding ways to “translate his game into NBA 2k.

“He’s a ‘rule breaker’ when it comes to jump shooting,” he said. “He becomes a problem in the video game world where we’ve been trying to train our gamers [to know] that certain types of shots should be rewarded versus others.

“We’re going to have to invest even more time in future iterations to really let Steph be Steph in future versions of NBA 2K.”

Really, when you’re digital counterpart is a more realistic player than you are, it’s time to pack it in. You’ve peaked.

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