Australian pricing of HTC Vive confirmed, shipping May 2016



Just over a week ago HTC announced the price of the Vive, their upcoming VR headset developed in collaboration with Valve, and it came in at US$799; a full US$200 more than the previously announced Oculus Rift. At the time running the US price tag through a currency converter was all we had to go on regarding what it would cost to ship a Vive to Australia, but with preorders going live today on Steam we now have a more concrete idea.

However, Steam being Steam and all, we still need to run it through a currency converter because they still charge us in US dollars. At a different US price.


Come on m8…

Upon selecting Australia as the region in the preorder screen, the Vive’s price becomes US$817.27, and lists shipping costs as US$110. As GST applies to imported goods costing more than AU$1000, that original US$817.27 will actually become US$898.997, totalling out to US$1008.997 once you include shipping.

Running that through a currency converter, at the time of writing an Australian Vive preorder will cost AU$1,413.786. That is quite a few dollarydoos.


Vive preorder 2

Don’t get too excited, that “Tax: $0.00” does not discount the GST. Dang gurvment…

On a side note, the Vive will also ship a little later for Australian customers as well. The initial checkout screen lists “May 2016” as the shipping date, just one month later than the April time frame given in the US.

HTC/Valve have also since sweetened the deal since their original announcement, adding Tilt Brush by Google to the list of free software which already included Job Simulator 2016 and Fantastic Contraption. The actual package itself contains the Vive headset, two motion sensors, two hand controllers, a link box and some ear-buds.

I must say, if it weren’t for the price I’d be kind of tempted, as I recently ran the SteamVR compatibility program and my system can allegedly handle the Vive. One day…

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