Microsoft announces Young Conker for HoloLens



With all this talk surrounding the price of virtual reality lately, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Microsoft is working on a product called HoloLens which is based around an entirely different kind of experience: augmented reality. For the uninitiated, augmented reality (AR) is the idea of using a headset designed to present digital images overlayed onto a real-life location rather than virtual reality which creates a completely animated world. Like the name suggests, it augments the reality you are seeing.

Microsoft showed off HoloLens at last year’s E3 conference by projecting Minecraft on a table. But today they announced one of their first examples of a gaming experience I suspect will be very common on the headset: Young Conker, a platformer that adapts to the environment of your living room.

It looks pretty cool:

The idea is incredibly intriguing providing it works the way they say it does, and if your living room adheres to good level design. You can’t exactly go blaming the developers because your couch is stupidly shaped and Conker keeps getting cornered. But that also means theoretically the re-playability of these games will be through the roof as you can keep rearranging your living room to make new arenas to play in.

Hopefully the field of view is also wider than what is shown off here too, that could become frustrating.

The announcement of Young Conker comes as Microsoft begins taking applications for developer units of HoloLens. “Windows Insider” members can apply on the Microsoft website, and if they are successful they can purchase a unit for US$3000. The units will ship from March 30th 2016.


Those Rift and Vive prices aren’t looking so bad now…

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