First 14 minutes of Dark Souls III footage released, escalates quickly



True to its brutal opening cinematicDark Souls III seems to have a pretty brutal introductory area. Well, not immediately, but it gets there. In fact one could call bullshit on this being a Souls starting area as the player isn’t dying repeatedly and being beaten into submission. But once they arrive to the first boss, things sure escalate quickly.

This footage also shows how much Dark Souls III is influenced by 2015’s Bloodborne, with the quick step, aggressive combat style and a little bit of the general Gothic aesthetic. I personally am very much OK with this, as Bloodborne was one of my top three games of 2015, but I get that that may irk some Souls fans. They can rest assured though that bonfires, Estus flasks and defensive shields are all still there.

Here’s the footage, courtesy of IGN. Skip to around 7:30 if you want to go straight to the boss.

Souls games will never cease to surprise me as to how their boss characters can just change into crazy beasts with no warning.

Dark Souls III launches on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 24 in Japan, with the rest of the world following April 12.

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