John Boyega wants Star Wars Battlefront to have a campaign



Star Wars is arguably one of the coolest franchises of all time. For most of us the closest we’ll get to living out our galactic fantasies is through the catalogue of Star Wars games. The most recent of which, Star Wars Battlefront, fell short in this area due to the lack of a campaign.

And you know what? We weren’t the only ones to notice. John Boyega, the guy who played Finn in The Force Awakens, recently tweeted to EA asking what’s up with the lack of story.

Remember this is a guy who has actually lived out his Star Wars fantasy, yet still yearns for more.

EA Responded to him in a slightly odd way considering how light on content the missions were, but hey, at least the man has a dialogue with them!

Boyega responded by inviting himself over to EA’s place to hang out.

To which EA seemed to be open to.

Here’s hoping Boyega can alter the deal and persuade them to make a campaign mode… unless he really is a traitor.


This guy isn’t convinced.

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