No Man’s Sky June release day announced



It feels like it has been coming out forever, but Hello Games have now confirmed that No Man’s Sky will be releasing for Playstation 4 on June 21 and PC June 23. Writing on the Playstation Blog, Hello Games’ Sean Murray revealed the game will also receive a physical disc release on PS4 as well as a digital one.

The release date news was followed by the announcement of two special edition’s of No Man’s Sky, one for PS4 and the other for PC. The PS4 special edition, exclusive to EB Games in Australia, will come packed with a steelbook case, a 48 page artbook, a comic book, a “starter kit” containing some in-game boosts and a PS4 dynamic theme.

no man's sky ps4 special edition

The PC version, dubbed the Explorer’s Edition, is available for preorder from iam8bit and will be limited to 10,000 units. Along with a digital Steam key for the game, the Explorer’s Edition comes with a cast metal spaceship replica, a display background for said ship, a traveller’s pin as well as a “mystery item” worth around US$10 the retailer says will be revealed at launch.

This edition can be ordered in Australia, but will set you back US$219.64 (AUD$298.90) including shipping.

No Man's Sky-Explorer_s_Edition-iam8bit

Sean Murray also mentioned some newly revealed features, such as the presence of alien races that players will need to communicate with by learning their languages.

Being on both Charlie’s and my most anticipated games of 2016 lists, I’m relieved that we’re finally going to be getting our hands on No Man’s Sky. It’s been so long since it was first announced, and teased so often since, that the hype was starting to get tiresome. But as I said when I wrote the list, it is still the game that built itself, and that is something that definitely warrants my attention.

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