The Day of the Tentacle Remaster is coming later this month



Developers Double Fine have announced that their much anticipated remaster of Day of the Tentacle, the 1993 Lucasarts time travel adventure game about a mutant tentacle gaining limbs and a desire for world domination, will be releasing on PC, PS4 and PS Vita on March 22.

The announcement was made on GoG this morning, along with a video from game director Tim Schafer himself outlying the game’s new artwork and developers’ commentary.

Day of the Tentacle Remaster will be a Cross-Buy title on Playstation, meaning players who purchase it for PS4 will also be able to download it onto their PS Vita and vice versa.

The original game is one of the staples of Lucasarts’ classic adventure titles, up there with The Secret of Monkey Island, Sam & Max Hit the Road and Full Throttle. A sequel to the 1987 game Maniac MansionDay of the Tentacle tells the story of three friends who are trying to stop Purple Tentacle, a psychopathic, sentient (you guessed it) tentacle, from taking over the world by travelling back in time 24 hours and preventing his creation. Things go awry and the friends end up separated by several centuries, one in the 1700s, one in the present and the other in the 2100s where tentacles rule the world. Players need to utilise everything available to all the friends, including sharing objects across time periods, to get everyone back in the correct time and stop Purple.

Here’s the trailer:

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