The Division: Dressing for the apocalypse



Tom Clancy’s The Division is essentially a long term hording exercise where players constantly grind for new weapons, gear and clothing. Keep that last one in mind, because clothing in The Division is something that can take you a long time to find, and the pay off is unbelievably underwhelming.

None of the clothing items are particularly interesting, aside from a few pre-order exclusives, such as police caps and riot gear. Everything else is a bland amalgamation of snow gear in various drab colours. The most interesting items I’ve found so far are the purple jackets, mainly because they introduce a bit of colour into the game and fulfil my dreams of becoming the Joker.

Taking Roy off the grid is pretty fun with friends.

Taking Roy off the grid is pretty great in outrageous jackets.

Aside from the odd purple clothing items you find, everything is pretty much just variations of the same gear, none of which are in any way distinct. Cosmetics are all various versions of waterproof jackets, jeans, hiking pants and shoes that would make no man say damn to Daniel.

Of course not all clothing items are found through drops. The Dune and Ranger jackets are some of the most expensively disappointing gear in the game, they will set players back a whopping 321 Phoenix credits, which is more than any yellow weapon to date. For those that don’t know, you get 30 Phoenix credits by completing a challenging daily mission, something which can take upwards of two hours.

dune jacket

Here’s the Dune Jacket in its mundane glory. Photo via Reddit user Nanaki-is-Nanaki.

The Ranger jacket isn’t much better, it’s just a standard green jacket, not unlike anything else you find without wasting hours and hours of gameplay saving up for. Sadly enough, some people have been finding these jackets as random drops, which I’m sure is nothing but infuriating to anyone who went all young money and splashed out on the items.

It’d be nice to see some variation in future updates and some gear that adds a bit of distinction to the poorly dressed agents of New York. In the mean time I guess players just have to keep their fingers crossed and their Phoenix credits in the bank.

If you haven’t already check out LoadScreen’s The Division review here, and stay tuned for plenty more news and bland jackets in the future.

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