Telltale confirms Walking Dead Season Three premiering in 2016



Even though Telltale is currently running a mini-series about the adventures of Michonne during her absence in the comics, the question on every Telltale fan’s mind is when the bloody hell season three of the full Walking Dead series is coming out. We want to know what is going to happen to our Clementine’s, who could be starting in a different situation and with different characters depending on where you ended up by the end of Season Two.


That little girl has been through some SHIT.

Turns out we won’t have too long to wait, as Telltale Games CEO Kevin Bruner told Mashable we should hear more about the specifics of the season at Comic-Con International this winter (US summer), and the season is going to premiere in 2016.

Bruner also talked about how they are tackling the issue of beginning Season Three given the multiple spots players could have ended up last season.

“When we got to Season Two, we had a plan in the back of our minds of how we would make all these endings keep those threads going forward,” Bruner said. Will this mean each potential opening will eventually lead players to the same spot going forward? That would certainly be the easiest way to go about things, but Bruner said they were going to handle it in a different, “really cool”, “unexpected” and “pretty innovative” way that fans won’t be expecting.

Telltale are also planning to make the season accessible to The Walking Dead fans who may not have played the first two seasons. However, Bruner assured Mashable that invested players need not worry about their particular story-lines being ignored.

“[Season Three will allow] people who maybe haven’t people who maybe haven’t played [the first two seasons] to come in and get up to speed really quickly,” he said. “But it definitely respects, honours and facilitates all of the various end points that Season Two had.”

walking dead clementine gun

This is where I personally ended up. Thinking about it again certainly rustles the feels.

Also, here’s hoping you’ve kept your copies of the game installed, or at least retained the save files, as the first two seasons didn’t have the cloud syncing decisions feature the current Telltale games do. Bruner promises they’re going to have “a solution for everybody”, but aside from a quiz asking you to remind the game of all the choices you made, I think they’ll probably require the original save files.

While we wait for more specific info relating to Season Three, there’s still two more weeks of the Walking Dead TV show to keep us satisfied. Although they’ve started changing aspects of the story, which I’m normally OK with if it improves the narrative or respective character (Carol comes to mind). But this last episode seemed to do it solely so comics fans would be surprised as well as regular viewers. No spoilers, but all I can say is, if they change the introduction of the next villain in any way, I will riot. Comic fans will know what I’m talking about…

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