Nintendo NX controller leaks confirmed as fakes



Remember those photos of the alleged Hey Arnold! shaped Nintendo NX controllers from the other day? Were you excited and/or terrified? Well you can calm down now, as they’ve been confirmed to be a really convincing 3D printed fake.

Screenshot 2016-03-26 11.07.21

Yeah, this guy went to a lot of effort for his prank. (Source: YouTube)

A YouTuber named Frank Sandqvist uploaded a video where he showed off his process of making the fake controller. In it he apologises “for getting people’s hopes up”, but he wanted to see how easy it would be to recreate a previous, confirmed to be photoshopped, leak in real life. “Turns out it’s pretty easy,” Sandqvist says in the video.

And I suppose that’s true Frank, it was pretty easy, especially since you had access to a 3D printer and a goddamn laser cutter. I might just go bash out a few now, it’s that easy!

Anyway, there you go, we can all move on from that excitement.

Although, if you are still keen for a ride on the hype train, all this admission from Sandqvist confirms is that the controller in the photos aren’t legitimate, but there is proof of Nintendo considering this particular design for the NX controller. As the Kotaku article about the photoshopped leak points out, these fakes seem to be modelled off a patent Nintendo filed in December last year for a controller that looks like this:

NX controller patent

Anyone else get Steamboat Willie vibes from this?

And Nintendo patents have reflected finished products before, so while these “leaks” have been fake, they may still resemble the NX’s controller.

So again, we’ll just have to wait for Nintendo to confirm what the heck the NX will eventually be before we get too excited. And let us all remember the real tragedy in all of this: the demise of “Treegate”…

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