Month: March 2016

Telltale confirms Walking Dead Season Three premiering in 2016

  Even though Telltale is currently running a mini-series about the adventures of Michonne during her absence in the comics, the question on every Telltale fan’s mind is when the bloody hell season three of the full Walking Dead series is coming out. We want to know what is going to happen to our Clementine’s, who could be starting in a different situation and with different chara...[Read More]

The internet hunting for Bioware’s new IP is amazing to watch

  It all started, as many online frenzies do these days, with a tweet. The Game Developer’s Conference was last week, and upon its conclusion Alistair McNally, one of the head developers at Bioware (creators of Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Baldur’s Gate and Knights of the Old Republic), sent out this sentimental message. And that’s #GDC2016 in the books. One the things I love most abo...[Read More]

Fallout 4: Mod lets you play as Dogmeat

  It’s a scientific fact that dogs are the best thing in the universe, and that’s no different in the world of Fallout 4. A new mod allows players to wander around the wastelands of Boston as a dog. Of course playing as a dog has its drawbacks. You can’t use weapons, you can only bite, and you can only access dog armour. But that doesn’t matter much, because you get to...[Read More]

Day of the Tentacle Remastered review: THIS is how you remaster a classic

Reviewed on: PC. Copy supplied by publisher. There’s certainly never a dull moment in Day of the Tentacle Remastered. Few games, or heck even novels or films, can say they allow one to seamlessly jump from tricking George Washington into chopping down a kumquat tree, to staging a jail break right under the nose of the IRS to getting a mummified entrant ready for the Annual Human Show in the ...[Read More]

Using HTC Vive to play non-VR games in a virtual cinema sure looks weird…

  It goes without saying that VR was a huge topic of discussion at the Game Developer’s Conference last week. For starters, Playstation announced the much-lower-than-the-Rift-and-Vive price for Playstation VR; along with Oculus demoing all the titles coming to the Rift after it launches at the end of the month. But another thing that various journalists got their hands on was a feature ...[Read More]

The Division: Dressing for the apocalypse

  Tom Clancy’s The Division is essentially a long term hording exercise where players constantly grind for new weapons, gear and clothing. Keep that last one in mind, because clothing in The Division is something that can take you a long time to find, and the pay off is unbelievably underwhelming. None of the clothing items are particularly interesting, aside from a few pre-order exclus...[Read More]

Those indie games you might have missed: Circa Infinity

– Simon Vallenet Developed by one man team Kenny Sun, Circa Infinity is based on a prototype he made for the 2014 Ludum Dare. Called Core, the mini game wasn’t extraordinary but the concept and the idea were strong enough for it to be turned into a more evolved game. A year later, Circa Infinity was released on Steam. Once again, it’s the type of bold looking indie game that uses pixel art i...[Read More]

The Division review: Come to the Dark Zone, we have loot

Reviewed on: PS4. Copy supplied by publisher. So there you are, in the centre of New York City with a really cool pair of gloves, you really want to wear those gloves, but because some tosser stood in front of you while you were shooting, you now have to fight a bunch of self riotous assholes screaming for revenge. You fight them because if you don’t they might steal your gloves, except afte...[Read More]

Digital Homicide are suing Jim fucking Sterling, son

  Those who have been following the Jim Sterling Vs. Digital Homicide feud might find it surprising that the indie studio is now attempting to take Sterling to court over his content. The contention is that the Jimquisition’s main man has conducted acts of “assault, libel, and slander” against the studio, leading Digital Homicide to file a law suit worth US$10.76million. The...[Read More]

Signed 20th Anniversary PS4 to be auctioned for charity

  If you were lucky enough to score one the 12,300 20th Anniversary Playstation 4’s when they released a year or so ago, congratulations on being the envy of every classic Playstation fan. Now stop rubbing it in our faces. All hope is not lost for the rest of us though, because Sony is holding an auction for one of the PS1 inspired systems to raise money for their charity You Can, which...[Read More]

The Division: Make the Dark Zone great again

  A lot of players have been complaining that the Dark Zone isn’t scary enough and that not enough players are going rogue because there isn’t incentive. Well I can tell you right now, there is incentive, and that is to hunt the same agents down repetitively, and when the man hunt cool down is gone, chase them around the Dark Zone clapping at them like a rabid pack of wolves. Load...[Read More]

Hitman Review: 47 ways to die

-Aaron Birch Reviewed on: Playstation 4. Copy supplied by publisher. As a fan of the Hitman series, one who’s played every entry so far, including the first, PC-only title, I’ve seen IO Interactive’s flagship series evolve over the years in ways both good, and bad. What started out life as an unapologetically challenging and unique game quickly established a formula of stealthy k...[Read More]

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