Month: April 2016

Dark Souls III shouldn’t have an easier mode

Recently, Charlie shared his opinion about an easy mode for From Software’s Dark Souls III. In this he made some very good points, and some that were hard to argue with in terms of their overall reason and validity. However, this isn’t an opinion I personally agree on, and I feel that any form of easy, or easier mode for Dark Souls would be a bad thing. Now, I’m not going to simp...[Read More]

Is The Division worth the grind?

I am now close to having racked up a full week of play time in The Division. It’s not pretty, there have been countless nights which turned into early mornings as I farmed for that next piece of loot. A lot of blood, sweat, tears and carpal tunnel have gone into this game. But has it all been worth it? We are well and truly into deep end game territory, this is the endest of games, where eve...[Read More]

Nintendo NX launches March 2017, new Zelda pushed to next year

Nintendo’s new console system, so far referred to as the Nintendo NX, will launch worldwide in March 2017 according to the company’s latest financial release. Details on the new system have been scarce, with only reports of it being some kind of portable/home console hybrid and a survey hinting at potential features to go on, and sadly it looks like we won’t be learning any more ...[Read More]

Fallout 4 receives mod tools on PC, coming to consoles over the next two months

Mods for Fallout 4 have been around on PC since pretty much immediately after it was released in November last year. But installing those mods can be a little cumbersome for the less technically minded gamers, requiring them to download the files from Nexus Mods and install them in the right folders in the hopes they integrate properly with their game and don’t break the whole thing. But fea...[Read More]

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season Three will be “checking in” with Clementine says Kirkman

If you’re a fan of Telltale’s The Walking Dead game series then that headline may have frightened you. “Is Clementine not the main character?! Clementine has been the driving force of the game’s narrative since day one, what would the series be without her? WHO WILL MAKE US FEEL FEELINGS NOW?!” But don’t worry, at least she is guaranteed to make an appearance in...[Read More]

Steam now has movie rentals and in Australia it’s garbage because of course it is

Purchasing films on Steam isn’t exactly a new idea, as titles such as Indie Game: The Movie have been available on the platform for quite some time. There has also been several web series available, like Mortal Kombat: Legacy and the Payday series, along with various independent films. But mainstream Hollywood films? Nope, and no one would think that’s a good idea following the rise of...[Read More]

Outlast 2 gameplay trailers drop online and they’re creepy as balls

Hope you have a spare set of underwear handy, because the first gameplay videos from Outlast 2 have appeared online and they’re looking gorgeous and ripe for a pants soiling. Developed by Red Barrels, the anticipated horror sequel has shifted from its insane asylum roots to an equally creepy outdoor, hicks-ville farm type location. The first trailer shows the protagonist finding themselves l...[Read More]

You can now sign up for the LawBreakers alpha

LawBreakers, the first person shooter being helmed by Cliff Bleszinski’s Boss Key Studios, is about to open up for a public alpha. You can sign up for a chance to play early over at the LawBreakers website. Those unfamiliar with the game can check out the gameplay trailer below, it boasts intense fast paced action with physics defying combat: Those lucky enough to be at PAX East this weekend...[Read More]

Push Me Pull You is about to blow your mind

Ever since the gross alpha gameplay trailer for Push Me Pull You weired people out I have been wetting myself with anticipation waiting to play the game. And good news! Push Me Pull You finally has a release date. The strange wrestling/crime against humanity will be out for PlayStation 4 on May 3rd. Not familiar with the game? You can check out the release date trailer right here: Did you watch th...[Read More]

The Division: New glitch lets you dish out damage in the millions

I feel like we’ve been here before. We have been here before haven’t we? When we’ve discusses how broken The Division is? Yeah, we have. Here are just a few examples. A new glitch allows players to amass damage in the millions. Yeah, it’s just stupid. To get it to work players need a weapon with the competent talent on it. They then need to open their inventory and go into ...[Read More]

Dark Souls III should have an easier mode

Breathe deeply, hold in your “git guds” and “fuck yous” until the end of the article, for I know I’m treading on shaky shaky ground with this piece. Yes, I’m about to tell you why I think Dark Souls III should have an easier setting available. Notice the words easier and available, they are all too important for this argument. Yes, easier, not easy, not beginner...[Read More]

The Division is about to compensate players affected by bugs

Were you one of the Xbox One players who had their Division character deleted after the recent 1.1 patch? Or one that fell victim to the backpack glitch, where upon crafting a high-end backpack you were locked out of your account? Well good news, Ubisoft is about to send some in-game compensation your way in the form of 500 Phoenix Credits and 10 of each high-end crafting items. On their recent &#...[Read More]

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