Vive launch trailer gives a unique demonstration of VR



VR is hitting the gaming news cycle in a big way this past couple weeks, and I’m not just talking about that man who used a Gear VR headset on a Boston train, prompting discussion about banning the devices on public transport. No, the Oculus Rift and Vive have started shipping to the public; the days of VR are upon us.

But one hurdle VR still struggles to overcome is conveying to consumers just what the experience of using it is like without them actually trying it for themselves. After all, a 2D trailer won’t even begin to describe the kind of experience I had at last year’s PAX.

But darn it, Valve certainly gave it a go with the launch trailer for the Vive. By filming a group of people using the headsets in front of a green screen, with cameras that could also render the games they were paying, we can see how the players are actually within the virtual spaces they’re witnessing. As someone who has used VR, I must say this is a pretty good representation.

I must admit, they do make using the room-scale technology in an ordinary looking living room seem actually plausible. I may have to eat the words I wrote following my PAX experience where I wasn’t convinced that VR would work so well in our homes compared to a controlled, expo environment. I still stand by my statement that VR isn’t likely to completely replace how we play our video games anytime soon given the amount of effort required, but I suppose I won’t really be able to judge for myself until I get my hands on one of the many headsets and see how it goes within the context of day to day life.

But I will say this: I’ll be happy to be proven wrong, since despite some beginner’s eye strain and a fear of getting choked out by the chords, VR is pretty incredible.

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