Metal Gear Solid cast reunites for new Ford car ads



David Hayter may have been denied the opportunity to return in Metal Gear Solid V, but it seems he isn’t entirely done playing Solid Snake. Hayter revealed on his Twitter overnight that the cast of 1998’s Metal Gear Solid (AKA the best game of all time) are back, featuring in the new “Overdubs” ad campaign for Ford Motor Company. The campaign is made up of actors redubbing iconic properties to talk about Ford vehicles in character.

The first video features Hayter playing Snake along with Paul Eiding’s Colonel Campbell in one of the series’ famous codec calls. Whichever marketing person scripted this is either a fan of the franchise or really did their research, because the references are pretty on point. I mean, Snake repeats the last thing the Colonel says but as a question, they drop a long “SNNNAAAKKKEEEE” at the end, they even save that clunky Fulton Extraction reference by acknowledging that it wasn’t used in the games that this particular Snake was in.

Although it doesn’t being with Snake saying “this is Snake, Colonel can you hear me,” so maybe their research wasn’t quite thorough enough.

The second ad shared in Hayter’s tweet doesn’t actually feature him speaking, but it re-enacts the scene where Psycho Mantis is using his mind reading abilities to taunt/read the memory card save files of Snake in the first game.

I’m torn between loving the authenticity of the references in these videos and sadness that this is probably what will come of Metal Gear Solid now that series creator Hideo Kojima has been ousted from Konami. Though I must say I’d rather see car ads like these before my movies at the cinema instead of the usual garbage of person-walking-through-car-dealership-marvelling-at-amazingness-of-said-cars, so I reckon I’m OK with it.

But the one feeling it dies leave me with is how much I missed Hayter’s gruff tones in Metal Gear Solid V compared to Kiefer Sutherland’s minimalist performance.

I can always hear you Snake, loud and clear…

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