“The problem with being a ‘Space-Dick’ is…” – 21 minutes of No Man’s Sky


Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is pretty much right around the corner. After several years of hype, the game will finally launch on Playstation 4 and PC on June 21 and June 23 respectively. Since its announcement it has been one of the most interesting games on the horizon, boasting a game world of 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (18.4 quintillion) planets that are generated mathematically to create a universe even the development team hasn’t seen the entirety of. Suffice it to say, there hasn’t really been anything like No Man’s Sky before.

But there are those, myself included, who have concerns that while the size and scale of No Man’s Sky is incredible, pre-release footage has given the impression that all there will be to do is look at things, fly off into space, look at more things and maybe engage in some fairly basic looking first-person combat. There wouldn’t be much incentive to explore a some 18 quintillion planets sized universe if there wasn’t much to do in it other.

Well, Hello Games’ Sean Murray has sat down with IGN again for another month of IGN First coverage of the game and demoed 21 minutes of continuous footage. In it, he highlights some of the elements revealed at press only events in the past few months, such as alien races and languages, as well as a more detailed look at space flight, combat and the kinds of activities you can undergo on the games’ planets. He also warns of the risks with becoming a “Space-Dick”.

If you have a spare 21 minutes, it’s worth checking out:

That star map still blows me away.

I must say, I’m coming around to the potential of carving your own narrative in No Man’s Sky. Murray mentions the alien races found throughout the game favour different things, such as science, trading or war, so I imagine playing them off each other like some kind of Han Solo type could be a lot of fun. Creating a spacecraft that allows you to make a living from quickly attacking freighters and escaping with their loot also seems like a great avenue to pursue.

Essentially I want to be a Space-Dick.

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