Mafia III coming October 7, here’s a new trailer


2K Games have dropped the trailer for Hanger 13’s Mafia III, which shows off new story details and finally confirms the game’s release date as October 7 2016 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Set in 1968 New Bordeaux, a fictitious version of New Orleans, Mafia III follows Lincoln Clay, an African American Vietnam War veteran waging war against the Italian Mafia after they slaughtered his comrades in the Black Mob. Lincoln must rebuild a new criminal empire through alliances with other gangs in order to take down one of the most established crime syndicates of the 20th century.

Side note: excellent song choice.

Along with the trailer dropping, a lot of hands on previews have started to emerge as well. They talk about aspects of the gameplay like managing relationships with the lieutenants of the gangs Lincoln is aligning himself with. Ignore them too much and they get angry, but as to what that anger may lead to is anyone’s guess.

The PC Gamer preview also notes there is a focus on attacking the Italian Mafia economically, crippling their supply chains, money stockpiles and killing/recruiting their enforcers. The article mentions that all these activities aren’t considered side quests, that “Hangar 13 is at pains to emphasise that everything you do in Mafia III pushes you forward.” For anyone who has been bothered by random side quests breaking the pacing of the core narrative in games like Grand Theft AutoSkyrim, Fallout and whatnot, this is certainly welcome news.

As for how well it plays out in practice, we’ll just have to wait until October.

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