The Division: New glitch lets you dish out damage in the millions


I feel like we’ve been here before. We have been here before haven’t we? When we’ve discusses how broken The Division is? Yeah, we have. Here are just a few examples.

A new glitch allows players to amass damage in the millions. Yeah, it’s just stupid. To get it to work players need a weapon with the competent talent on it. They then need to open their inventory and go into weapons and cycle between the weapon with competent and another. If that second weapon also has competent they’re laughing, because this whole exploit works faster. Another way players are getting it to go quicker is to have the competent talent on a gun that already has high damage, such as a shotgun or a sniper.

Screenshot 2016-04-15 13.36.16

“This is bullshit, I’m glitching out of here.”

The thing with the Competent talent is that it adds a percentage of damage to your weapon after you activate a skill, except if you don’t actually use the skill it still activates. So you can point a sticky bomb and cancel it and still get the effect. Switching between the weapons with competent rapidly makes this percentage of damage stack, so if you cycle weapons fast enough and long enough you can end up with DPS well into the millions. You can see it in action below:

Some players figured that this combined with an already existing glitch with M44 rifles and explosive bullets allows them to take out the APC from Falcon Lost in only a couple of shots.

I’m all for the smaller exploits, I murdered Bullet King so many times, but this is one that has potentially pushed the game into unplayable territory. This is solely due to the fact people are using it in the Dark Zone to one shot other players, something that is so far from being okay it’s disgusting. Just last night I was taken out by the same player multiple times in just one shot. At first I thought he must be really powerful, but nope, he dropped my entire squad in one shot a piece, there is no way this guy wasn’t stacking competent. It’s not cool… at all.

If anything this should be a wake up call to Ubisoft Massive as this one exploit is making the already unbalanced game slide off the scales.

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