Outlast 2 gameplay trailers drop online and they’re creepy as balls


Hope you have a spare set of underwear handy, because the first gameplay videos from Outlast 2 have appeared online and they’re looking gorgeous and ripe for a pants soiling.

Developed by Red Barrels, the anticipated horror sequel has shifted from its insane asylum roots to an equally creepy outdoor, hicks-ville farm type location. The first trailer shows the protagonist finding themselves lost at night (because of course) near a farm house belonging to some voyeuristic lunatics with an extensive crucifix collection.

Very strange how unperturbed the player is by the whispering wackos spying on them from the bushes. Well, that sense of calm doesn’t for long, because the second video shows a point in time where the player has woken the fuck up to the situation he’s in and decides to run out into the safest place you can be while being hunted by crazy, religious, psychopathic yokels: a corn field.

Little else is known about the game aside from its farm based setting, but reports out of PAX East suggest there might be a bit more to the new setting than that. IGN reporters Marty Sliva and Alanah Pearce mention in their coverage that while playing the game “it seemed like [they] were going through dimensions,” where seemingly impossible location and perspective shifts were rampant. An interesting prospect, and given the original game dabbled in the paranormal in regards to the Wallrider villain, not too crazy an idea.

The game is set for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One towards the end of 2016, but in the meantime check out our horror expert (and huge Outlast fan) Karly’s thoughts on what she’d like to see in the sequel.

Now, about that fresh set of underwear…

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