Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season Three will be “checking in” with Clementine says Kirkman


If you’re a fan of Telltale’s The Walking Dead game series then that headline may have frightened you. “Is Clementine not the main character?! Clementine has been the driving force of the game’s narrative since day one, what would the series be without her? WHO WILL MAKE US FEEL FEELINGS NOW?!

But don’t worry, at least she is guaranteed to make an appearance in The Walking Dead: Season Three as creator of the comics Robert Kirkman told IGN in an interview recently. “We’ll be seeing her, seeing where she’s at and what’s going on with her which is going to be great,” he said. Kirkman didn’t elaborate on what that meant regarding her being the central character, but a phrase like “checking in” doesn’t exactly sound like a starring role.

walking dead clementine gun

Clem might have a few things to say about it if that’s the case…

But one thing we can be pretty certain of is that she’ll be a bit older when she next appears. In the same interview, Kirkman mentions that Season Three will take place in the same time period as the current run of the comics, which thanks to a time jump in issue #127 places us about four years after the zombie outbreak. The first two seasons of the game have been taking place at the beginning of the apocalypse, so this will be quite a jump for Clem and the supporting cast.

On top of that, Kirkman promised more “comic book elements” in this season compared to Season Two, similar to the current Michonne mini series which concludes tomorrow. I’ve been enjoying the Michonne series, but a problem I have had with it is the direct connections to the comics spoiling the tension, given I know Michonne and Pete will survive. That changed as the game went on and introduced and developed newer characters to care about going into the finale (more on that once I’ve played it), but I hope Season Three doesn’t make the same initial mistake.

Seriously Telltale, Season Three needs to be awesome to wash out the bad taste the TV show left with its insatiable lust for cliff hangers that ruin the pacing and impact of amazing scenes. That last finale was the worst.

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