Fallout 4 receives mod tools on PC, coming to consoles over the next two months


Mods for Fallout 4 have been around on PC since pretty much immediately after it was released in November last year. But installing those mods can be a little cumbersome for the less technically minded gamers, requiring them to download the files from Nexus Mods and install them in the right folders in the hopes they integrate properly with their game and don’t break the whole thing.

But fear not, for Bethesda has just released a beta update for PC Fallout 4 that will change all this, allowing mods to be browsed, installed and even created all within the game itself. Dubbed the “creation kit”, the in-game mod creation tools are essentially the same as the ones the developers used to create the main game.

Although the features are still in beta, they’re available to everyone by right clicking Fallout 4 in Steam, selecting “properties”, going to the “betas” tab and opting into the 1.5 Beta Update.

fallout 4 3

If you see this screen you’ve done something very, very wrong. Or booted up the game…

The update is only available to PC players of Fallout 4 but mods on consoles isn’t too far away, with Xbox One players due to receive support some time in May and Playstation 4 users in June. It certainly can’t come soon enough, as since the announcement of Fallout 4 mod support on their platforms last year console players have been salivating at the idea of getting in on the mod action.

And who can blame them? It’s not like you can pass up the opportunity to change the game and add enhanced textures, redesigned armour and weapons or the ability to have a good old boogie wherever you’re standing.

Or to automatically play loud fart sounds over all the dialogue in the game.

You know, I’m still not entirely convinced that last one is a mod and not someone just dubbing fart sounds over gameplay footage for the YouTube lulz…

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