Month: April 2016

The Walking Dead finale introduces a familiar face

  Whilst most of you are wetting your pants over the arrival of Negan in the latest episode of The Walking Dead, others are secretly swooning over the appearance of a very different psychopath. Steven Ogg, better known as the voice actor for Trevor Phillips in GTA V, made an appearance in the season six finale as a Savior that seems relatively high up in the ranks. I’ll avoid spoilers, ...[Read More]

Henry Cavill missed the call to play Superman because he was too busy gaming

  I’ve missed some important calls before due to being preoccupied with something else, who hasn’t? But when you’re expecting a call from Zack Snyder regarding whether or not you’ve been cast as goddamn Superman, surely you’d be ready to answer that phone if it so much as even pings a Facebook notification? Well, I’m clearly not Henry Cavill, who recently s...[Read More]

DOOM multiplayer beta impressions: Just like old times

  Finally, after being teased on the cases of countless copies of 2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Order, the closed multiplayer beta for the new DOOM is here. It’s nearly over now but is running for the rest of today, so if you have an old beta code and haven’t yet jumped in there is still time! But anyway, I imagine what you all want to know is what the actual game is like now ...[Read More]

We’re not for sale

  So we’ve been doing this LoadScreen thing for a while now. Tom Heath and myself launched the site back in June 2015 as two hopeful and optimistic journalists looking to contribute to the wonderful world of gaming news. In that time we’ve been really pleased to see steady traffic and engagement from people all around the world. We’ve also got to speak to and meet people in ...[Read More]

Quantum Break review: Maybe some things are inevitable

Reviewed on: Xbox One. Copy supplied by publisher. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear about a AAA game/TV show hybrid? If you answered “that doesn’t sound like it will work all that well,” then congratulations! Your gut instinct is pretty darn good. Quantum Break is an ambitious project, it picks up the worn out sci-fi trend of time travel, puts it in a game ...[Read More]

Stop comparing The Division and Destiny

-Aaron Birch Okay, some credentials. I’ve been playing Destiny since the Beta. In that time I’ve done pretty much everything there is to do, and earned everything there is to earn. I’ve beaten all the strikes, raids and challenge modes, have three fully levelled characters, have done my time in the Crucible, and have all the exotics. I’ve put a stupid amount of time into th...[Read More]

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