Month: May 2016

Mods come to Fallout 4 on Xbox tomorrow

The mods-for-console-games revolution begins soon, with Bethesda announcing mods for Fallout 4 will be supported on Xbox One from May 31 (June 1 for Australia). Now, before all you Xbox fans get excited to install some of the crazy stuff people have been making for the PC version since launch, there are some restrictions. According to Kotaku, players will be capped to installing 2gb worth of mods ...[Read More]

Games to look forward to at E3

– Kyle Tander It’s almost that time of the year again as the world’s biggest gaming convention, E3, is just around the corner from June 14-16. The excitement meters are beginning to climb as some highly anticipated video games are going to be shown to the public. There are some titles that are bound to get the blood pumping and pulses racing, so why don’t we go on and name a few games to loo...[Read More]

YouTuber’s attempt to spawn 100,000 Revenants in DOOM’s SnapMap is a metaphor for life

I know we’ve been talking about the new DOOM a lot lately, what with our review of the game, videos of Donald Trump custom levels and how goddamn awesome the story is, but this YouTuber’s ambitious SnapMap video was just too good to pass up. Not only is it a hilarious montage of trying to spawn 100,000 Revenant Demons in a custom level, but it is truly a poignant parallel to life’...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky delayed until August

The highly anticipated space exploration game No Man’s Sky has been delayed from its original release window of June to confirmed dates of August 9 in North America, August 10 in Europe and August 12 in the UK. Sean Murray from Hello Games stated via PlayStation’s blog “as we approached our final deadlines, we realised that some key moments needed extra polish to bring them up to...[Read More]

DOOM does back-seat storytelling right

When I heard id Software’s Marty Stratton say in April that telling a story wasn’t really a focus for the new DOOM, I was incredibly disheartened. “We don’t put story front and centre at all,” he said. “DOOM is about doing this, fighting demons, using awesome guns.” He then went on to say that there would be a semblance of story and mystery to uncover if players...[Read More]

New Titanfall 2 details leaked

Coming via a post on the Titanfall subreddit, which has since been deleted, the leak comes from a user whose source is stated to be “in the know.” There was no mention of swords, but the user does say Titanfall 2 will include larger multiplayer maps and takes a page out of Nathan Drake’s book with the addition of grappling hooks. The grappling hook will allow for even more dynamic gameplay, as is ...[Read More]

Reports surface of two new Xbox One models on the way

Sources have told Kotaku that Microsoft is planning to release two new versions of its Xbox One console, one in 2016 and another in 2017. The reports, which have been corroborated by Polygon’s “own sources”, describe the 2016 model as a slimline version around 40% smaller than the current Xbox One, offering 4K video support and sporting a 2TB hard drive. Polygon’s source de...[Read More]

Ron Gilbert wants Monkey Island back, asks Disney to sell it to him

Disney recently announced it would no longer be publishing their own video games, effectively cancelling their action-figure/game hybrid Disney Infinity. That’s not to say that games based around Disney properties will no longer be made, they will just be licensed out to other developers and Disney just enjoys the profits. You know, kind of like what they did with LucasArts in 2013 where the...[Read More]

Battleborn’s price slashed as Overwatch goes live

Blizzard’s first foray into the first person shooter market, Overwatch, launched today and finally those some 10 million players who enjoyed the beta can stop searching for Overwatch pornography and just play the damn game. Our review of Overwatch is on its way, my fellow editor Charlie is playing the heck out of it as we speak (at least, he better be) so once he has opinions we shall share ...[Read More]

Uncharted 4 is the fastest selling PS4 exclusive to date

It’s been two weeks since the latest (and said to be last) adventure of Nathan “perfect, un-mussable hair” Drake dropped onto Playstation 4’s everywhere. OK, maybe not everywhere, but at least a fair few places as Sony announced today that Uncharted 4 sold 2.7 million copies in its first week worldwide, making it the fastest selling of the console’s exclusive titles. ...[Read More]

The final Overwatch animation is here and Soldier: 76 kicks some ass in it

The last Overwatch animated short entitled Hero has come out ahead of the game’s May 24 launch tomorrow, and it focuses on the mysterious Soldier: 76. This is the final short from the current season consisting of four episodes, and you can watch it right here: For those unable to watch the video, it entails Soldier: 76 being the Overwatch equivalent of Batman, as he fights from the shadows t...[Read More]

Let’s check out DOOM SnapMap, featuring Donald Trump and Raccoons

DOOM has been out for just over a week now, and by all accounts it seems to have been positively received. Our own Aaron Birch gave it an 8.5 in his review earlier in the week, and I find myself agreeing with him after my time with the game. DOOM is fast, brutal and a great challenge, as well as having a captivating minimalist narrative. But aside from the awesome campaign mode, and the multiplaye...[Read More]

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