Uncharted 4 is the best looking console game ever says Digital Foundry


If you read my review of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End yesterday, head over here if you haven’t yet, you’ll know I described the game’s visual quality as “unbelievably gorgeous”. Heck, in my review summary I called them “unreasonably good”.


Much like how I’d describe Nate’s scruffy-yet-dapper look he’s got going on here.

Well, if my word isn’t enough for you, renowned tech-xperts Digital Foundry have released their run down of Uncharted 4‘s performance, calling it an “unparalleled technical masterclass” and the best looking game they have seen on any console hardware.

Their video coverage goes into great detail about the graphical aspects of the game’s design, praising the level of detail placed in textures, lighting, character models and effects, all while being rendered in real-time in both gameplay (obviously) and cutscenes. I was surprised by Digital Foundry’s positive feelings towards the motion blur effects given I found them to be a bit too full on in my time with the game, but granted that was only when the camera was panned around too quickly during gameplay. Even I can agree it looks wonderful in the examples they show.

They also go into some of the bonus features that I chose to omit from my review, such as the inclusion of a photo mode, which may also interest some of you. Be warned though, some of the footage they show off in their analysis could be considered spoilers for some of the set pieces/locations in the game, so watch at your own risk.

I think we can safely say that when it comes to console graphics, as obviously PCs can push higher standards due to their more quickly evolving hardware cycles, the bar has been raised.

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