Battlesouls: Not quite Darksouls or Battleborn

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Today I will be discussing the free to play indie game Battlesouls. It launched on Steam on May 13 with some praise from early reviewers. I had a hands on go with the game the day prior to release in a video you can watch right here:

If you didn’t have the time to watch that surprisingly long video, let me use words to fill your brain with knowledge. Battlesouls is okay, pretty meh in a lot of aspects, but could be cool with some attention.

From what I experienced, Battlesouls (I’m really not a fan of the name) is a very basic 5v5 arena combat game where you can select three classes to switch between from a pool of five, meaning ingame you can change from a mage to a knight with the click of a button. This mechanic is cool, you can adapt to the battle and really orchestrate some crushing team plays as you cycle classes to fit strategies, however Battlesouls isn’t really gripping enough just yet for this feature to stand out.

In the video above I selected quickplay, which took me to a bot filled match where all the AI players were the mage class. Right off the bat this showed something wasn’t quite right considering this was a day before release and not alpha, the AI should be able to cycle between the five classes. Later in the game a human player joined the opposite team without warning, which also seemed a bit odd considering my team were just about to win, but hey, drop in drop out gameplay is always a plus, especially for a game like this which might not have a huge community to begin with.

I am a fan of those massive shoulder pads.

Battlesouls’ only game mode is a spin on capture the hill where teams need control of the centre crystal before they can attack the opposing side’s base crystal. It’s nothing ground breaking in terms of gameplay, but it’s original enough to be kinda cool and it’s something I would like to see in other more polished games as it provides some tense push and pull combat.

Where the game really seems to fall down is in the fighting. To attack you have at your disposal left click and right click, providing different effects depending on class. That’s it. No ultimate move, no sprint… just WASD and left and right click. Often I will say I like simple games, but this goes a step too far in the wrong direction.

Ultimately Battlesouls is developer Pixeleap’s first game, and they do seem ready to take criticism on board to better the experience, so let’s hope in a few months time we get to revisit Battlesouls and find it has lived up to its potential.

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