Get a load of Overwatch lore with these short animations


Overwatch is due for release in a week’s time on May 24, and to promote that fact Blizzard have been releasing short animations to show off the cast of characters. The latest eight minute feature covers two characters, Genji and Hanzo, and is a surprisingly great watch. You can check it out right here:

As Overwatch will consist solely of online multiplayer combat, the story is going to be conveyed mainly through animations and comics. Hanzo and Genji’s tale is the third animation to date. The first revolves around the lovable ape Winston facing off against Reaper:

And the second revolves around Widow Maker asking Tracer to cover up fighting Tracer:

So far I’m a real fan of these little chunks of story, their production isn’t merely an afterthought and they show off the rich universe behind this highly anticipated game.

For more Overwatch goodness you can read the first four issues of the comic here, and stay tuned to LoadScreen in the days leading up to and following release!

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