Battleborn’s price slashed as Overwatch goes live


Blizzard’s first foray into the first person shooter market, Overwatch, launched today and finally those some 10 million players who enjoyed the beta can stop searching for Overwatch pornography and just play the damn game. Our review of Overwatch is on its way, my fellow editor Charlie is playing the heck out of it as we speak (at least, he better be) so once he has opinions we shall share them.

But something else happened today other than the release of Overwatch. As noticed by Kotaku, the US price of Gearbox Software’s Battleborn has dropped at retailers GameStop and Amazon from $US59.99 to $US39.99, a discount of 33%. That’s a pretty significant change given it’s only just been three weeks since Battleborn launched on May 3. Perhaps both retailers began a sale at the exact same time, but to me the timing on this seems far too convenient to be a coincidence. I also imagine pre-order customers for Battleborn are less than thrilled right now.


Cue backlash in three, two…

Battleborn’s price hasn’t just dropped in the US either; EB Games here in Australia has slashed the PS4 and Xbox One version down from $AU99.95 to $AU77, PC from $AU89.95 to $AU68. It’s worth noting that JB Hi-Fi has not changed their pricing, but they have always been selling the game for $AU79 since it launched.

Despite being two vastly different games, although they’re both competing for online shooter player’s time, this isn’t the first instance of Battleborn and Overwatch clashing with each other. The Overwatch beta began on the same day Battleborn was released, which definitely seems like a game of corporate chicken to me.

Regardless, all eyes will be on both game’s communities to see how they both play out in the long run. And if you were waiting to pick up Battleborn, there’s never been a better time! Despite some matchmaking issues and there being too many jokes, Charlie seemed to have fun with it when he reviewed it earlier this month.

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