Ron Gilbert wants Monkey Island back, asks Disney to sell it to him


Disney recently announced it would no longer be publishing their own video games, effectively cancelling their action-figure/game hybrid Disney Infinity. That’s not to say that games based around Disney properties will no longer be made, they will just be licensed out to other developers and Disney just enjoys the profits. You know, kind of like what they did with LucasArts in 2013 where their properties are being made by other publishers, such as EA having complete access to Star Wars.

Anyway, there are other game properties that Disney has the rights to since purchasing/dismantling LucasArts such as their adventure classics Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. And since Disney are getting out of the game publishing, well, game, their creator, Ron Gilbert, would like them back. Heck, he’ll even pay money for them.

You can really feel the passion flowing through his fingers as he typed that, especially since he misspelled the name of his own game. And before you go point that out to him, don’t worry, he noticed:

As for whether that will actually happen, who knows. But the idea of the original creators of these classic games getting them back from the decades of licensing bureaucracy and having another run at them is an exciting prospect. Just earlier this year I sat down and played the Day of the Tentacle remaster, incidentally the sequel to Maniac Mansion, which was made by Tim Schafer (one of the original creators) and Double Fine Studios, and it was fantastic.

So, more Monkey Island from the original team? Sign me up.

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