New Titanfall 2 details leaked


Coming via a post on the Titanfall subreddit, which has since been deleted, the leak comes from a user whose source is stated to be “in the know.”

Titanfall 2 1

I said in the last Titanfall article that we would have to reuse images. And I don’t lie.

There was no mention of swords, but the user does say Titanfall 2 will include larger multiplayer maps and takes a page out of Nathan Drake’s book with the addition of grappling hooks. The grappling hook will allow for even more dynamic gameplay, as is can be used for “getting into your Titan, aiding free-running, or tactical plays such as pulling enemies while they’re mid-air.”

The reddit user also claims that Titanfall 2 will release in October, which puts it very close to Battlefield 1’s release of October 21. I would guess that Titanfall will release in the first half of October, to give it some time to before it goes against the bigger properties like Battlefield and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which releases on November 4.

The leak does seem legitimate as the cover art the user provided matches up with the blurred image on Titanfall’s website.

Official image:

Titanfall 2 2

Leaked image:

Titanfall 2 leak

Have you notice that almost every game and movie poster uses a blue/orange contrast? You will now.

They pair up nicely, as the reddit user noted that the cover will consist of the image’s left side; so either the user is a damn good artist (which is entirely possible these days) or most likely his source checks out.

Either way, it won’t be long until we find out. The full game reveal is only a few weeks away, at the EA play event on June 12.

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