YouTuber’s attempt to spawn 100,000 Revenants in DOOM’s SnapMap is a metaphor for life


I know we’ve been talking about the new DOOM a lot lately, what with our review of the game, videos of Donald Trump custom levels and how goddamn awesome the story is, but this YouTuber’s ambitious SnapMap video was just too good to pass up. Not only is it a hilarious montage of trying to spawn 100,000 Revenant Demons in a custom level, but it is truly a poignant parallel to life’s cruel game of compromise.

DOOM revenant 2

This might be the first time “DOOM” and “poignant” have been used in the same paragraph.

Much like YouTuber MarphitimusBlackimus, we all have grand ideas as to what we want to achieve in our lifetimes. That killer novel we want to write or getting that dream car. Or having a home we actually own and a job we like so we can spend our week days happily earning a living but always have our evenings for our passions and our weekends actually being weekends, filled with brunches and spontaneous adventures with friends and loved ones, all so we don’t find ourselves in a downward hate spiral of cynicism and self-loathing.

Sure, I desperately crave  we all want that. But that’s when Life rears its ugly head and says “not so fast bucko, a lot of workplaces require you to work at least some weekends.”

That’s fine, you think, you can handle some weekends of work; it’s not the end of the world. Weekends pay more, so at least that house you want will be a reality a little sooner. “Well, no,” Life says, “the housing market has gone to shit, so you’re never owning your own home unless you’re already a ba-billionaire.”

So you think you’ll focus your spare time working on that novel, after all a successful book launch can make millionaires overnight! But Life just shakes its head. “Mate, no one reads books any more, who are you kidding?” So with all your dreams and aspirations crushed, you just plod along with the best you can manage, spending your days dreaming of when you can finally get home, pour yourself a glass of scotch and settle in for another night of just staring blankly into the void before you do it all again tomorrow.

…I had a point to all this. Oh yeah, MarphitimusBlackimus hit a lot of hilarious snags in their effort to spawn 100,000 Revenant’s in SnapMap, having to settle for much, much less than that. Enjoy!

This idea stemmed from MarphitimusBlackimus’ previous exploits spawning 100,000 Revenants in DOOM II, which you can also check out here.

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