Mods come to Fallout 4 on Xbox tomorrow


The mods-for-console-games revolution begins soon, with Bethesda announcing mods for Fallout 4 will be supported on Xbox One from May 31 (June 1 for Australia).

Now, before all you Xbox fans get excited to install some of the crazy stuff people have been making for the PC version since launch, there are some restrictions.



According to Kotaku, players will be capped to installing 2gb worth of mods at any one time, so you won’t be able to stack too many on top of each other. Thankfully save files won’t be adversely affected, with the game automatically splitting your save progress into different files once you install any mods, preserving your pre-mod status.

So if you have an Xbox One and Fallout 4, go forth tomorrow and create history. PS4 players will soon be able to join in on the fun later in June, but there is no specified release date yet.

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