Month: May 2016

Check out Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s map online ahead of launch

So, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was supposed to be releasing in a few days, but was last month delayed until June 7 (boo). That’s another two weeks before we can return to the arguably the best Parkour simulator in gaming history. On the bright side though, EA are giving you all the opportunity to check out the city of Glass, where Catalyst is set, before the game comes out. There’s a...[Read More]

Gear review: KontrolFreek S.C.A.R.

Reviewed on: PS4. Gear supplied by manufacturer. For those that haven’t augmented their controllers before, this article is about to open up a whole new world for you. It was only a few months ago that a friend bought me some Kontrolfreek grips for my PS4 controller, prior to that customising was something I’d never really thought about, but now it has become a bit of a hobby. Finding ...[Read More]

Remastered Batman Arkham games coming in July, exclusive to EB Games in Australia

After being leaked earlier in the month, it’s now finally official: a remastered collection of the first two Rocksteady Batman: Arkham games is coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One on July 27. Titled Batman: Return to Arkham and developed by porting studio Virtuos, the collection comprises of 2009’s Arkham Asylum and 2011’s Arkham City which will both boast improved graphics, upg...[Read More]

Hideo Kojima teases the secret character behind his new studio’s logo

Late last year, following his chaotic departure from Konami, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima announced the formation of a new studio, Kojima Productions. This was coupled with the news that their debut game would be exclusive to Playstation. But one of the most interesting parts of the announcement was the studio’s strange logo, which resembled something a person in one of the SAW films migh...[Read More]

Get a load of Overwatch lore with these short animations

Overwatch is due for release in a week’s time on May 24, and to promote that fact Blizzard have been releasing short animations to show off the cast of characters. The latest eight minute feature covers two characters, Genji and Hanzo, and is a surprisingly great watch. You can check it out right here: As Overwatch will consist solely of online multiplayer combat, the story is going to be co...[Read More]

People are coming up with interesting ways to play Dark Souls III

Even though the gaming community has lately been consumed by swashbuckling adventurers and demon’s populating Mars, there are still many people playing through the brutal RPG juggernaut Dark Souls III. I am yet to even touch it myself, but I plan to rectify that very soon as by all accounts it sounds amazing. But now that the game has been out for about a month, Souls fans seem to be done wi...[Read More]

One thing that DOOM does right

Since DOOM burst out of hell last week I’ve been pleasantly surprised by just how great it is. The classic shooter from id Software and published by Bethesda has had a bit of a face lift since its 1993 origins, but the core element of killing shit is still there. But that’s not what I want to talk about, in fact it’s kind of far from it. What DOOM has really brought out is my lov...[Read More]

Uncharted 4 multiplayer impressions: a worthy addition to a great game

Last week I described Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End as “one hell of a gaming experience”, praising its fantastic story, solid gameplay and “unreasonably good” graphics. That review was based solely upon the single player portion of the game because that was all I had access to prior to launch, and in the interest of being timely I opted to publish it first and then have ...[Read More]

Blizzard warns that suspected Overwatch cheaters may just be really good

In an blog post from Blizzard on the topic of cheating in Overwatch, the company drew attention to the fact that some players spend their entire lives indoors and never experience the sweet touch of sun on their skin, thus giving them superhuman gaming powers…. well, they didn’t say that exactly, but you can read between the lines. The company did state that prior to reporting a suspec...[Read More]

Battlesouls: Not quite Darksouls or Battleborn

Today I will be discussing the free to play indie game Battlesouls. It launched on Steam on May 13 with some praise from early reviewers. I had a hands on go with the game the day prior to release in a video you can watch right here: If you didn’t have the time to watch that surprisingly long video, let me use words to fill your brain with knowledge. Battlesouls is okay, pretty meh in a lot ...[Read More]

A chainsaw sculpture of DOOM’s Revenant demon comes to ACMI

The new DOOM was released today, and to celebrate the day Bethesda commissioned a Yarra Valley artist to make a chainsaw sculpture of the Revenant demon. The artist’s name Rob Bast, who spent some 150 hours crafting the eight foot tall beast out of a massive chunk of cypress wood with his “pretty cracking arsenal” of chainsaws. In a video detailing the project, Bast says he’...[Read More]

Titanfall 2 to drop onto heavy competition

During a presentation about its upcoming fiscal year, Electronic Arts announced that Titanfall 2 will launch during the company’s third fiscal quarter. This puts the release date somewhere from October to December, in ripe time for Christmas. EA must certainly have faith in the upcoming first-person shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment, as its release date puts it in competition with the mos...[Read More]

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