Playstation’s Powers TV show is finally available in Australia


Powers, the first original TV programming from Playstation, is now available on the Australian PSN Store, more than a year after its premiere in the US. Both the entire first season and the first three episodes of the second season are out now, with us remaining on track with the US and having season two’s remaining seven episodes releasing weekly.

It is worth noting that while Sony are saying that both seasons of Powers are available to PS Plus subscribers for no extra cost, the actual fact is that the show cannot be downloaded by non-subscribers. While things like games often have different prices and/or freebies for PS Plus members, in Powers’ case non-members can’t purchase episodes individually.

It was a weird point in Playstation’s 2014 E3 conference when they announced they were going to have a crack at Netflix’s game and produce their own television content. And their first project was going to be Powers, a superhero/sci-fi crime show based on the comic series published by Marvel. Set in a world where humans and superheroes (referred to as “powers”) co-exist, the series follows Christian Walker (District 9’s Sharlto Copley), a former power turned homicide detective and Deena Pilgrim (Vinyl’s Susan Heyward) as they investigate superhero related crimes in the Los Angeles Police Department’s Powers Division.

It wasn’t the highlight of Playstation’s news that E3, but I must say I was a little intrigued.

In March 2015, Powers launched on the Playstation Network in the US, France and a handful of other European territories. But if you lived in Australia, Canada or the UK you were out of luck as the show didn’t launch in those areas because reasons. It wasn’t like it was being developed by and distributed exclusively on a platform that was up and running in those territories or anything…

But the wait is now over, so I suppose I’ll be off to see if the show is actually any good.

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