Surgeon Simulator adds Donald Trump as a new “patient”(victim)


Can you be trusted to take a US presidential candidate under the knife? Well developer Bossa Studios wants to know as they add Republican nominee and destroyer of worlds Donald Trump as a patient in Surgeon Simulator.

Aside from the usual gory chaos regularly seen in Surgeon Simulator, the goal of the “Inside Trump” update is to perform a heart transplant on the man with a lust for walls. Now, I say transplant, a more appropriate word would be “upgrade”.

Players have the choice of changing Donald Trump’s heart by opening him up and installing a heroic heart of gold or a villainous heart of stone. Players’ choices are being tracked over on the Surgeon Simulator website, and at the time of writing some 2100 players (59%) have opted for the stone heart.


Probably because they’ve all read the Game of Thrones novels.

The update also features other Trump references like Trump vodka to sooth Donald’s pain, Trump Steaks to “gently caress him” with, Trump Tower and a whole host of Trump related achievements. Wow, I never want to write the word Trump in a sentence again.

…Damn it…

Anyway, the making surgery great again action is free to anyone who owns Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition. Owners of Surgeon Simulator 2013 miss out on the update, but can purchase an upgrade to the Anniversary Edition on Steam, and for a discounted price.

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