Horror game Allison Road has been cancelled


You can return that bulk order for spare underwear, word is horror game Allison Road has been cancelled. The news comes from a post on the game’s official Twitter account that gave no explicit details as to the reason for the cancellation but promised an update in the coming days.

We reported on Allison Road when it had its first proper gameplay reveal around a year ago. It garnered a lot of attention due to it seeming like a spiritual successor to P.T., the terrifying Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro helmed playable teaser for the now cancelled Silent Hills. Seems like games of this kind are doomed for cancellation.

The last we heard of Allison Road was then it cancelled its Kickstarter campaign following a partnership with Worms developer Team 17.

Well, this is disappointing. But I guess we’ll always have that creepy gameplay trailer to provide us with a free laxative in our times of need.

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